5 App Monetization Strategies You Should Know

Jan 31, 2022
4 min read

Imagine that you have developed an amazing app that completes the demand of its audience and contends with them. The next effort you take into concern is making your app an origin of earnings. Mobile app monetization is the power of a particular mobile app to make income. Because of intense competition, it becomes more challenging and more difficult to make an app fortunate. The main inquiry here is how to monetize your app. You ought to understand that app monetization is not charging it for a download. Of course, you can regard making your app paid to monetize it while today it is a very tough way of being advantageous. There are several methods for app monetization nonetheless it is actually hard to select the correct one for your app.

Before knowing about these methods to monetize your app, there are a couple of items you should contemplate. First, you ought to know your app. You should be mindful of the value it supplies to find thriving best mobile app monetization approaches. This will enable you to discover how to monetize your app. The second is around your buyer personas. You should understand your user’s requirements and their backgrounds to give them what they desire. You can’t simply monetize everything you like. Listen to them and observe them find the respectable things that will make your app worthwhile.

In-App Ads

In-App ads are what a mobile app’s user encounters while utilizing an app. This is one of the most acceptable forms to generate app monetization. According to Chad Gallagher, Director of mobile at AOL: “In-app mobile ad spend is really the destiny of the mobile advertising class. Thinking that people with entrance to a smartphone or tablet now expend an average of three hours on them per day and 84 percent of all smartphone time is disbursed in-app, in-app employment is increasingly essential for brands, advertisers, marketers, and agents.” This is why app proprietors and indie developers require to believe in in-app ads while getting ready to monetize their mobile apps.

Mobile In-App ads are a clever choice if their execution is done correctly and it will improve with time with a more satisfactory user experience. One has to create it positively personalized to get more income. This process should be managed with awareness and consideration to ensure user privacy.

In-App Purchases

Like the in-app advertisement, in-app purchases are a similar way of buying and selling while using mobile apps. This is likewise a savvy way of monetizing your mobile app. The implementation of this strategy will turn the mobile app into another sales machine and directly generate revenue. These in-app purchases are not confined to the retail things only but the enormous variety and big brands can also keep larger earnings.

This strategy will enhance profit margins with lesser risk and virtually buying goods will lead to higher levels of growing monetization.

Freemium Business Model

The freemium app policy will permit you to download the mobile app free of charge while the advanced and premium usefulness of the app may need payment to open them. So, essential features and procedures are free to access while expenses are applied for extra features.

Mobile app monetization will organize more income with the premium interpretation of the mobile app. Games apps are more satisfied from this process. Don’t forget that more extended sessions will improve user engagement. If you want to monetize your app through a freemium approach, remember to deliver a great free app experience and don’t simply save the good things for paying users only.


Some developers prefer to create free apps with a subscription model. With this method, the app is made free to download with little access to the content or services delivered. It instructs users to opt into a subscription plan to enjoy the maximum advantages. This app monetization strategy is commonly witnessed among service-oriented apps or content-centric apps like news apps.

With this procedure, the app can be effortlessly located in the app stores as a free app when users search for connected content. This is significant to enable developers to build up an initial user base and convert that user base into paid app subscribers.

The paid app model

In some circumstances, developers will make their apps open only in the paid interpretation. Usually, these apps present unique value that’s challenging to locate elsewhere. This monetization method is most familiar among productivity apps. Note that if you go through this passage, the apps you make should deliver enough importance or outstanding functionality that meets specific user needs. Otherwise, you will have a hard time making up the user base to forge revenue for your app.

The partnership model

If an app is very famous among a specific niche market, businesses in that space may come to the app developer for sponsorship options to get their trademark in front of your app users. So when you’re preparing about the next app to create, you can also assume about the target user base the app may draw and the type of labels that might be inquisitive in that audience. If that user base is extensive enough, monetization through brand sponsorship, partnership, or investment could be a satisfactory option too.

Composite Model

Every app is distinct, and learning how to virtually monetize your app can be a challenge. The good report is that you have the liberty to experiment. Try additional methods, follow the results, and find out what functions are most suitable for you. For instance, you might begin by offering your app as a free download, and yet locate that it’s more beneficial under the subscription model or as a paid app. By staying open and flexible to testing different methods, you might be very surprised to uncover what route generates the most profitable outcomes.

Conclusion on Monetizing Your Mobile App

There is an abundance of great help available to help maximize app monetization. Services like Google Analytics can help navigate you through the entire procedure. Making a mobile app is difficult, but the monetary bonuses could be life-changing if you launch the proper product at the correct time.