5 New Technologies That Can Enhance The Education World

Apr 13, 2022
4 min read

Technology is continuously driving the world towards development and evolution. In the same way, it is reshaping how the education industry works.

Everyone knows how the 2020 pandemic made technology a critical part of education and rolled out virtual classrooms into our lives. Now, the education industry is also embracing innovative tools to scale up the learning system. Let us see how switching to technological tools has become a game-changer for the industry.

1. AI-Powered Learning

AI has transformed our world in various magical ways. Likewise, it is bringing exceptional growth and wonders to the learning system.

AI can act as a great support arm for teachers. It can share some of their work to free up time for other productive tasks. As a teacher, it allows you to dedicate your time and efforts for the benefit of students.

1)It can automate several tasks like grading and exam schedules.

2)It can help in the performance analysis of students. Teachers can identify improvement areas of a student using AI feedback.

3)Teachers can also set up a general question-answer system using AI to clear doubts of students.

4)AI tutors are a new twist in the Ed-Tech industry. They can teach basic maths and writing skills to children.

5)AI can offer a personalized experience with the help of adaptive programs and thus can solve individual needs.

2. Cloud System

Cloud technology lets you store and access data on the internet. You can keep all your e-books, assignments, lecture videos, and notes safely in a centralized location. It is packed with a wealth of benefits for students:

· Accessibility: It gives you the privilege to access your study materials from anywhere in the world. Whether you are in a café, class, or home, you can submit your assignments easily with your device.

· No Heavy bags: Cloud can free up the student from the bags that weighs like stones. As your resources are in the cloud, you don’t need to carry any hardcopies in the bag pack.

· No lame excuses: Students used to cook up false excuses for not showing homework and assignment. Now, with the new storage model, neither you can lose them on the way nor forget them at home. Good old days of excuses are gone!

· Flipped classrooms: It has introduced a new way to improve education. Students can study through lecture videos beforehand and utilize the class hours for doubts, discussion, and analysis.

· Safety: There is no need to keep notes and books in locked cupboards. You can never miss anything while traveling or in school because all your treasure trove is on the internet.

· Better research: You can find references for your projects and assignments easily and quickly when everything is organized in one place.

3. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

One of the most emerging trends in the education world is virtual reality and augmented reality. Along with bringing a major impact on the visual world, AR and VR have made education more interesting and immersive for students.

Virtual reality utilizes digital simulation and models to create an artificial environment. In VR, a person can interact with the virtually-made environment using a visual or sensory device like a stereoscopic screen and headphones.
AR uses technology to enhance your interaction with the real world. It improves the user’s environment with the help of additional data and digital elements like sounds, sensory devices, or visuals.

Including AR and VR in the system can boost the understanding and experience of concepts. Moreover, they can prove to be a boon to visual learners. It can be difficult to understand complex topics with just texts and normal visuals. AR and VR can assist teachers to overcome such constraints and makes learning effortless. Additionally, they also enable students to learn abstract notions.

Some instances to demonstrate the use of AR and VR are virtual field trips, medical models, architecture models, and various machines. Students can visit inaccessible locations like historical places, mountains, and even volcanoes. They can also use VR to understand body parts including muscles and skeleton in a better way. 3D models also assist in practice sessions for students

4. 3D Printing

3D Printing is the new charm of the Ed-Tech industry and a very engaging solution for students.

With 3D prints, students can interact with hand-on-models to understand complex concepts. From artificial body parts in medical to prototype models in engineering, it is making learning easy in various domains. Automobile parts, 3D geography maps, and machine models are just a few examples. Moreover, it is an efficient tool for students with visual and kinesthetic minds.

5. Gamification

The gamified learning system aims at providing information coupled with fun. Many students perceive learning as a tedious task due to boring texts and homework. However, with Gamification, you can learn playfully. Learning by playing is not only for kids. It can be a perfect solution for adults who have concentration issues.

In Gamification, study content and tests are designed using innovative game elements. This makes the content easy to grasp and concentrate on. For example, typing games, quiz challenges, and level-wise chapters.

Many websites and apps provide such services. A popular app is Duolingo. It is a language learning app based on Gamification.

1)Gamification can make the learning process exciting and engaging.

2)It helps to practice concepts, track performance and results.

3)It also inculcates competitive behavior and enthusiasm in students.

4)It is a blessing for students with low concentration.

Wrapping up

The new players like cloud, AR, big data, video lectures, and AI have brought huge waves in the education industry.

These tools have made classrooms more interesting and motivating for students. And teachers can utilize them to organize and streamline various tasks. They also help to promote collaboration, connectivity, inclusive learning, and better performance analysis.

If you are still following the traditional system, you can miss unlocking many amazing benefits.