AI in Digital Marketing

May 25, 2020
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of the world. It has impacted all the spheres of life, and digital marketing is no exception.

Digital marketing has replaced a good part of traditional marketing. And now it’s time for AI-based digital marketing to mark the future. But what exactly is AI?

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is human-like intelligence to think and analyze, but it is artificially created. It mimics the human mind and assists in performing the tasks faster and with more precision.

AI machines are smart machines that can not only analyze data but can also take decisions and perform tasks accordingly. These machines are fed with relevant data and are programmed in a specific way to develop an artificial intelligence of their own.

But if AI tools are created and programmed by humans, then why do we need it? Can it replace human minds?

Why AI is Needed for Digital Marketing

AI is not created to replace humans. It is an assistant that reduces the chances of errors and help in performing tasks faster and smarter.

Collecting and Analyzing Data

Digital marketing involves collecting and analyzing large chunks of data. For humans, it is next to impossible to examine the data of all online users and find the relevant people, but AI has resolved this issue. It is smarter and can work on large data with precision.

Digital marketers can use AI to filter out people that are relevant to the business and help in increasing the reach to the right audience.

H2O is a great AI tool for analyzing data and is good even for those who have no experience in machine learning and AI.

Customers Interest

Ever wonder, how Facebook knows your interests and shows you products that you are already looking for? Well AI is behind it.

AI can be programmed to store cues that will detect the interest of people. It helps in targeted marketing and will show the relevant products to probable customers. When people find customized promotions, they are more likely to get attracted to the business.

Adext is an AI-based tool for marketers. Its smart programming will help you in finding the right audience.

Personalized Contents

AI is versatile. It is how you program it. It can even write ads and email content for you, and that too personalized according to your client. Isn't it amazing?

Now, with AI, you don’t need to send boring and monotonous messages to your client. Send tailored emails and posts to your clients. This will help you in strengthening your bond with the clients and retain them for longer. Custom made advertisements also help in attracting more customers to the business.

Wordsmith, Articoolo, and Quill are great tools for auto-generating the content. You can generate your next sales proposal here and see the difference.

Automated Customer Service and Care

Customer service and care is a big industry. Traditionally you need competent and professional people to handle your customers. This obviously is a great cost for your business and is a very time taking task. But AI has a solution to this problem as well.

AI-based robots can handle all your customers` queries, purchases, and can even record their feedback. This will not only save you from the hassle but also reduce your marketing cost. You just need to program it correctly, and AI tools will be your customer service representative, salesman, and front desk HR.

Phrasee and Boomtrain are AI tool for generating quick automated responses to the queries. Your customers now don’t need to wait for you to get back to them.


AI Chatbots can automatically handle all your online customer queries and can even assist them in selecting the right product. Big brands like Sephora use chatbots for facilitating their customers.

Shopify is successfully using Kik bot to engage with its customers.

Future Suggestions

AI is amazing. It can even become your best business partner. Yes, you can make it your friend and business advisor. AI tools understand the algorithm of customers` interests and purchases. It can give you suggestions for improvement and help you in developing future strategies for your business.

Simzek is a great marketing tool that helps in developing future marketing strategies.

AI has revolutionized digital marketing and is the demand of the time. But if you are still not convinced to include AI in your business marketing, then have a look at what big businesses are doing.

The Big Duopoly in Digital Marketing

Facebook and Google are a powerful duo of digital marketing. They enjoy the big chunk of all online ads and have an edge over all other platforms.

According to local solutions, this powerful duo succeeded to grab half of all digital ad revenue worldwide and more than 60 per cent in the U.S last year.

Facebook and Google have maintained this supreme position for years. Wondering how? A big credit goes to AI. These two companies are smart and have identified the need for the future. They have been using AI tools for years. The superfast and relevant searches of Google is a result of AI, and grabbing the customers with relevant ads and personalized marketing by Facebook is again possible with the help of AI.

Will this biggest duopoly of digital marketing retain their position in the coming years? The answer could be yes and no, as other powerful entrants are coming to the competition.


Amazon seems to be the new giant of digital marketing. According to AdAge, Amazon has grown more than 50% in 2019 to occupy almost 9 per cent of the market. Though it is not a larger share in global marketing, it is a powerful entry. Amazon is expected to be a tougher competition to the biggest duopoly of digital marketing, it has more virtual resources and versatile data as compared with the traditional duos.

Snap chat, TikTok, and Instagram also seem to be challenging Facebook supremacy in social media marketing.

It's time to accept the changing world and make the most of Artificial Intelligence.

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