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Ambika Bhandari is an SEO content writer, digital marketer, and media student. She loves spending time reading and writing about topics that interest her.

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Glass Chip and New Quantum Architecture: What You Need to Know?
Oct 5, 2021
IonQ, the Maryland-based quantum computing research center, has developed a glass chip for its quantum computer technology. The computers at this center use quantum states of ions trapped near a chip for calculation.
Happify Health and Higi Partner to Develop an AI-powered Patient Engagement System
Aug 31, 2021
Happify Health and Higi announced their plans to develop an AI-driven patient ecosystem. It will consist of Happify Health's AI and digital therapeutics and Higi's Omni-channel distribution network.
How is AI Transforming Social Media Marketing?
Aug 24, 2021
Social media is all about time and content and, AI can help in that. One of the common ways AI helps is by choosing hashtags in your post. If you have been using LinkedIn for your marketing, you must have come across this.
Everything You Need to Know About "ASTRA" by ANAROCK
Aug 4, 2021
The "ASTRA" AI model will accelerate housing sales by studying the customer behaviour data. Read all about this AI model that will change the scenario of housing sales.
DeepMind’s AI: How it Predicts Google Map’s ETA?
Jul 14, 2021
Google Maps are known for its accurate traffic predictions and expected time of arrival (ETA). Ever thought, how is that happening?Well, it is the magic of DeepMind's AI tool.
How AI Filters Objectional Content on YouTube?
Jul 1, 2021
AI algorithms can flag the content even before 10 views are completed. Although, are algorithms really the solution to filter the content on social media platforms?
5 Ways Companies Improve UX with AI
Jun 10, 2021
AI can help UX professionals to understand the importance of unbiased user data. These user data is the key to creating a positive experience for the customers.
How Does OpenAI’s DALL-E Work?
Jun 3, 2021
7 Best Automation Marketing Tools in 2021
May 14, 2021
Not every company needs to use automation marketing software. Moreover, these come at a price. But if you want to get things done smoothly and efficiently, then at one point in time you'll need the help of these tools.
How Does OpenAI’s GPT 3 Work?
Apr 30, 2021
The GPT-3 generates texts using a neural network system. It is considered the most accurate compared to its predecessors in the GPT series. As it uses 175 billion parameters, it is capable of learning on its own. It means GPT-3 can do any work without training!