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A software engineer turned technical writer. I love to explore and write on recent technologies. Diving into the current trends!!!

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Unleash The Power of Edge Computing to Improve Sustainability
Jun 17, 2022
Realizing the potential of edge computing in recent years, businesses started to adopt it to enhance their business results to grow exponentially and be competitive in the ever-changing market.
The Shift From Monolithic To Microservices Application Architecture To Thrive Amid Disruption
Jun 8, 2022
The shift from a traditional monolithic architecture to microservices allows quick delivery of new features and capabilities in response to disruptive forces.
Quality Engineering with AI-Powered Codeless Test Automation Tools
Apr 15, 2022
Each enterprise goes through a huge number of troubles during a test cycle that restricts its viability, which drives the misuse of cash and resources and is tedious.
RPA in Banking: Experience the Unlimited Automation and Superior User Experience
Feb 8, 2022
IntroductionRPA in the banking sector? What to expect? The banking sector is evolving. Rapid changes in the landscape have made it essential for banks to invest in new technologies to stay ahead of competitors. RPA can help achieve this goal by making your business more efficient, faster, and smarter -
Cloud Computing in Healthcare Industry
Mar 19, 2021
Healthcare providers worldwide have understood the real power of cloud-based healthcare solutions. The necessary applications run in the cloud to make the hospital operations run seamlessly.
Different Stages of Migrating ERP from On-premise to Cloud
Feb 16, 2021
As enterprises move to the cloud and go digital, cloud migration is essential for an agile and scalable business model—organizations are required to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of their migration strategies.