Naufiya Mohamed

Being a women aged 29 (while making this bio) and having the freedom to write and say as I wish make me happy. Always trying to stay myself when I write and speak as I don't believe in faking me.

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Front End v/s Back End: What's the Difference?
Mar 10, 2022
Frontend and backend development is completely dissimilar from each other, but nevertheless, they are two elements of the same condition.
Different Types of Tokenization in Blockchain
Mar 2, 2022
We have covered the fundamentals of tokenization with a major focus of the following review revolving around encompassing the different tokenization types simultaneously with their advantages and limitations.
5 App Monetization Strategies You Should Know
Jan 31, 2022
Mobile app monetization is the power of a particular mobile app to make income. There are several methods for app monetization nonetheless it is actually hard to select the correct one for your app.
Why Should You Choose Laravel For Web Development?
Jan 18, 2022
This article will discuss the motivations why Laravel web development could be the most sensible option for your website.
Web Development Frameworks You Should Know
Jan 12, 2022
That’s why applying frameworks supported by thousands of developers around the globe is a very practical strategy for building rich and interactive web applications.
Why Your Business Needs An App To Overtake Competitors
Jan 5, 2022
What we see today is that companies both small and midsize are following the mobile trend. The transformation is due to an understanding that an effective mobile strategy has more priority than just a mobile-friendly website.
Programming the Internet of Things For a Full-stack Development
Oct 12, 2021
Businesses can purchase IoT technology and assistance off the shelf and attach it to a Wi-Fi router, but expanding IoT in an enterprise environment can introduce many other difficulties.
Reasons Why Your Business Requires a Custom Software
Sep 24, 2021
While you will spend more for a custom software solution than you would for an independent software application, you have to examine the interest in your investment.
Ionic or Xamarin- Which One Should You Opt For?
Sep 10, 2021
The decision between Ionic and Xamarin depends a lot on which strategy and community you are prepared to bet on.
IoT Ransomware- How Healthcare Organizations Can Protect Themselves
Aug 19, 2021
It is important to make sure that the networks run while keeping everything safe and secure. This can be accomplished with enforceable security policies that focus on vulnerabilities, configuration assessments, malware defences, etc.