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Pune, India

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Digitalization to Decarbonization: What Steps are Private & Public Entities to Erase Carbon Footprints?
Jan 21, 2022
Creating a decarbonized economy involves a host of strategies such as energy management with analytics solutions, alternative fuel usage in vehicles (or better still, to go full steam with electric vehicles), using renewables more often than not, and adopting sustainable procurement practices.
The Significance of Semantic Search and What it Means For SEO
Jan 15, 2022
Semantic search functions basically on analyzing user intent – that can depend on numerous factors, such as the user’s search history, location, search queries, and more.
How is MHealth Transforming Medical Care?
Jan 4, 2022
Mobile health offers innumerable capabilities with varied apps, sensors, devices, and software programs that help to maintain electronic records, ensure patient data capture, target chronic conditions, telemedicine and remote monitoring, as well as e-prescriptions.
How Will Edge Computing Enhance Digital Transformation Across Enterprises?
Dec 22, 2021
The rising number of IoT devices such as sensors is likely to increase the requirement of edge computing. The implementation of 5G-enabled IoT use cases will also need considerably more network bandwidth and computing power.
Top 10 XML Authoring Tools for Technical Communication – Which One is the Best?
Dec 11, 2021
XML authoring is a new and enhanced version of technical communication, and authors are expected to adhere to the structure standards of the software in question.
An Overview of How API Architectures have Evolved
Dec 3, 2021
An API architecture or format is one through which APIs are able to function. It is a set of the structures, rules, and restraints governing API operations.
Encryption in Payment Gateways: Significance, Types, and the Future
Nov 12, 2021
With online payments becoming more and more mainstream, companies are going the whole hog to ensure high-quality, encrypted payment gateways that can ensure secure payment transactions within integrated business environments.
Why Is Data Security So Important In This Digital Age?
Oct 28, 2021
Data security is highly important in the digital ecosystem, given the extensive amounts of data churned out every day and the possible threats from cyberattacks and hackers.
Cloud-Native Security: Current Strategies, Challenges, and Best Practices
Oct 7, 2021
In the future, cloud-native security is likely to be characterized by powerful API security, highly secure open source and ML, simplicity – rather, simplicity at scale, and adopting an excellent DevSecOps approach.
How Bot as a Service (BaaS) Will Impact the Future of Customer Management
Sep 21, 2021
Bots are being used massively in the industrial arena and more often, in the retail sector as of today. Soon enough, bots will be heavily deployed to tackle consumers and generate a breakthrough in the field of automation.