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I'm a writer pursuing my Master's degree in Media & Communication Studies. My love of reading and a keen interest in the latest technological innovations fuels my passion for writing about them.

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A Brief Introduction to Metaverse as a Service (MaaS)
Jun 24, 2022
Metaverse–as-a-service will enable this degree of customization without requiring anybody to learn any programming, allowing companies and industries to customize their features and functionality to their target customers.
IIoT Technology In Supply Chain Operations
Jun 23, 2022
The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, is a framework in which several equipment or devices are linked and synchronized using software tools.
How to Implement Zero Trust Security in the Cloud?
Jun 16, 2022
Establishing zero trust security via cloud-based architecture is more cost-effective and adaptable for enterprises of any size or type.
Top 7 CISO Security Concerns & How to Tackle Them
Jun 7, 2022
Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are becoming increasingly important for maintaining smooth company operations, notwithstanding their newness in the corporate world.
Impact of the Metaverse On the Evolving E-Commerce Industry
May 25, 2022
Let's take a look at the prospects of the metaverse in the ever-changing landscape of the e-commerce industry.
NFTs Are Making Digital Products Scarce and Valuable
Apr 27, 2022
With the advent of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the art and content creation business is undergoing a dramatic transformation.
Edge Computing To Bypass Latency Caused by Cloud Computing
Apr 25, 2022
Edge distribution may be the most notable development, with edge capabilities predicted to be available worldwide by 2028.
How Can Your Smartphone Tell If You Have Bipolar Disorder?
Apr 20, 2022
Studies conducted by the University of Michigan now have led to researchers developing PRIORI, an Android smartphone app that can detect if someone is suffering a bipolar attack.
Rethinking Cybersecurity Is The Need of The Hour
Mar 29, 2022
According to the IDC (International Data Corporation), global cyber security expenditure is expected to reach $174.7 billion in 2024, with security services being the largest and speediest market category.
Data Visualization For Business - All You Need To Know
Mar 8, 2022
When it comes to evaluating customer behavior, data visualization allows you to view a variety of distinct elements and how they are connected to one another.