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What Does Shift-Left Testing Mean For SaaS Businesses And Their Customers?
Jun 3, 2022
This blog post will explain what a shift to the left in cybersecurity means for SaaS companies and their customers and how to get started right away!
Could Blockchain Solve Our Growing Privacy Issue?
May 23, 2022
Blockchain, according to experts, might eventually replace usernames and passwords by providing us with individualized, encrypted digital identities that we can use to handle everything from internet data to medical records.
The Ultimate Guide to Software as a Service (SaaS)
May 20, 2022
Most SaaS services run immediately in your web browser, so no client-side downloads or installations are required.
Shadow IT Is A Top Concern Related To SaaS Adoption
May 9, 2022
Shadow IT refers to IT and security functions that are part of an organization's tech stack but aren't acknowledged or sanctioned by IT or security departments.
How Will Zero Trust Change SaaS Security?
Apr 26, 2022
However, a good deployment of a zero-trust model can help the security team get context and insight into a fast-evolving attack surface as well as improve the user experience.
How to Kickstart Digital Marketing For Your Organization
Apr 20, 2022
Any company that wants to stay competitive in today's market must use digital marketing techniques. But, first and foremost, how do you get started?
Why Private 5G Networks Could Be The Next Big Thing For Enterprises And Operators
Apr 6, 2022
Private 5G networks are poised to create opportunities for public and private companies to unleash efficiency, exploit data in real-time, and earn new revenue in the coming years.
Predictive Analytics AI-Powered SaaS Platform: Explained
Apr 1, 2022
The main benefit of using predictive analytics SaaS tools for your business is that you might receive results that go beyond merely showing you what's happening right now.
How SaaS Companies Can Utilize AI And ML Technologies?
Mar 9, 2022
AI is a game-changer for SaaS developers as it can enhance their coding skills by performing the necessary tests to ensure the coding is accurate.
How Can The Blockchain Be Used To Prevent Fraud?
Dec 24, 2021
Blockchain technology helps reduce the crime rate of fraud using shared digital ledgers that can enhance the visibility and transparency of transactions between business network participants.