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Zahwah Jameel is a technical content writer and a freelancer with a passion for art and poetry. She is pursuing Bachelor's in Technology in IT and has co-authored several anthologies.

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How Could A Colony On Mars Change Everything On Earth
Feb 5, 2022
According to NASA, a humanized colony on Mars will stand as a great example for Science and its growing fate.
Decoding NFTs: A Blessing or a Curse in Disguise?
Nov 15, 2021
Everyone wants to make millions in a night. What if I told you that it’s achievable? You just have to create a digital form of art, music, video, or even a meme and immortalize it. The first tweet of Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey got sold for more than
How AI-Enabled Robots Are Reshaping The World
Aug 2, 2021
With major advancements using the combination of artificial intelligence and robotics, the future is already there. Learn about how AI and Robotics will affect different industries.
The Definitive Guide to Edge Computing
Jul 15, 2021
Edge computing is the ultimate key to reshaping the IT industry and business computing.
Beginner's Guide to Internet of Things (IoT)
Jul 2, 2021
IoT is the focal point of the Digital Transformation Revolution, changing the way businesses work and even our lives. Its future is boundless. Now, more organizations and industries are reaping the benefits of IoT.
Getting Started with Quantum Computing: Ultimate Guide
May 18, 2021
Quantum computing is the key to the greatest performance boost in the history of automation. Like electricity, we expect quantum computing to revolutionize every industry and modernize our economy.
Everything You Need to Know About Programmatic Advertising
May 3, 2021
Programmatic advertising is one of the most growing sectors of the market. According to a report, almost 88% of display Ads in the United States will be forecasted programmatically in 2021.