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Our top authors

Harmit S Kamboe

An Online Marketing specialist with digital strategy/marketing experience at start ups, advertising agencies & Enterprise corporations.

Vin Patel

Author, Speaker & Digital Transformation Executive. A data engineering, Cloud DevOps & deep machine learning evangelist

Abdur Raffey Tariq

A business major senior at the Lahore University of Management Sciences with diverse experience in Business Management, Marketing, Martech, and Fintech.

Claudio G. Giancaterino

I'm an actuary for job and data science enthusiast. I like to play on Kaggle/Hackathon competitions, I write posts and I'm delighted to attend projects about data science topics. I'm a R/Python user.

Geoffrey M.

Freelance Writer superskilled in curating both technical and non-technical content in various niches. Constantly looking for ways to improve my skills to be a professional in our current dynamic world

Abhilasha sandilya

She is a Postgraduate in English. She has work experience as an English Language Trainer, and Teacher (UK & India), and a Content Writer. She loves doing research and simplifies complexity.

Shahzaib Ali Khan

Technical Writer | Penetration Tester | Security Analyst | Vulnerability Researcher

Simranjeet Singh Pelyia

Diploma in Mechanical Engineer| Teachsavvy Freelancer| Photographer| Content Writer

Daiane Babicz

Brazilian Computer Scientist with a focus on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, with Scientific Writing knowledge with Wall Street courses.

sameer ali

A young professional writer and also a future software engineer who loves to create games on Java and enjoy to write interesting content related to multiple topics.

Anjali Prabhanjanan

Content Writer & Digital Marketing Consultant, Thinker, Researcher, Bookworm, and a Social Media Specialist, passionate about insightful writing for Technology in the World of Business.

Andrew Zola

Andrew Zola is a freelance technology journalist and marketer who specializes in emerging technologies and cybersecurity. Other passions include photography, design, and four-legged friends.

Anmol Tanubhrt

I am a struggling writer trying to make sense of the world around me through words. Hoping to be a writer whose pen is mightier than a sword!

Taha Sherif

Machine Learning Enthusiast

Rukshan Manorathna

Using computer resources to make something happen! Data Analyst with Python | Grammarian | Author of Data Science 365 Blog. What a mix!

Raymart Mabag

A crypto enthusiast, and a content creator focused on technology

Renju Paul Jose

I'm an SDET by profession and Tech Enthusiast by hobby. Jack of all trades but mastery in none.

Alagammai Kannappan

Alagammai Kannappan is a aspiring technical writer with a 5 year writing experience.

Yogi Kalra

Yogi has been in the ERP space since 1992 and has had dozens of engagements with clients in multiple industries across different verticals and process areas. He is also the author of many books.

Niharika Choudhary

I am a media professional, nature enthusiast, and closely follow technology. I'm also a certified content editor and have worked in PR and Content Management.

Ashwin Kumar R

Indian Computer Science Engineer and Web Developer. I enjoy diving deep into the Blockchain and cryptocurrency world.

Maria Iqbal

Maria is an Electrical Engineer, passionate about Machine Learning,Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Brijesh Wawdhane

I am a web enthusiast.

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