B2B Marketing Strategy in the Post-COVID World

Jun 17, 2020
7 min read

B2B is one of the ways to boost sales. From the last few decades, B2B has become common in the world. Many companies like Alibaba, Global Sources, eWorldTrade, and Made-in-china are the best example of it. B2B selling or marketing can be done in two major ways. The first one is Face to Face B2B selling, and another one is online B2B selling. The first B2B selling option is more striking one as compared to email marketing. Even most of the companies prefer this way to enhance the rate of B2B selling.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the face-to-face request is 34% more successful as compared to online marketing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many renowned companies have started avoiding face-to-face selling because there are high chances of the rapid virus spreading.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss how the companies are going to manage their sales if there would be no face-to-face B2B selling option. We will also explain how companies are managing B2B selling in the COVID-19 environment, and if you are running a business, then we have also listed some of the best tips from professionals for you.

Face-to-face selling in a B2B environment:

As we mentioned before, face-to-face B2B selling is one of the ways to bring more improvements to the business. According to Oxford Economics, many business travelers and executives believe that 28% of the current market would be lost without the involvement of the face-to-face meetings.

Indeed, making a successful in-person meeting is not a simple task, but some of the following general instructions can do it. Before making a face to face meeting with a customer, always keep the following points in mind.

· Communication is a key:
One of the biggest mistakes made by most of the business executives is the wrong communication with the clients. Before going for the face-to-face meetings, always practice the way of your speaking. Try to focus on their benefits rather than representing your services. Explain to them how your product is going to enhance their business.

· Don’t be in a hurry for arranging face-to-face meetings:
Before arranging a physical meeting, always research for your customer. Researching will help you out to get familiar with the client's preferences. Keeping in mind the client's preferences, you can judge whether this meeting will become successful or not. It is better to arrange a short introductory phone call or the video before making a final decision.

· Prepare your agenda:
Face-to-face meetings are successful until you keep them on track. Always prepare a detailed agenda, and don’t forget to highlight the main points before meeting your prospect. Share your plan with the customer; this will make them clear that what you are expecting from them. Don’t be so fast; allow them some time to ask questions. The more questions they will ask, the more things will get clear.

What will happen in the post COVID world?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not only local businesses, but many renowned companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook also announced to keep their offices shut until the crises are over. Till now, all of the employees are working from their homes. Every important meeting, including the B2B selling meeting, is getting arranged through Skype and Zoom. It seems like only the video chat B2B conference and online marketing will work in the present situation.

Well, that all was about the present situation, but what about the future? What is going to happen after the end of COVID-19? How long will it take to restore the normalcy? A few days ago, after extending the privilege for the Twitter, Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) announced to keep the offices shut of his payment services organization, “Square” till 2021. He believes that employees should be allowed to work from where they feel more energetic and creative.

Similarly, as a reminder for this year, Google has told the employees to work from home.  Facebook is also following the same strategy. They have announced to reopen all of the branches in the 4th week of July, but the company will allow the employees to work from home if they can do it. So, this would be a post COVID world where people will work remotely.

How has Coronavirus affected B2B sales?

Coronavirus and lockdown have disrupted businesses across the world. Well, the same impact of the Pandemic is on the B2B sales. As we explained before, face-to-face meetings play a vital role in B2B sales, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, customers have started avoiding the in-person sessions. According to Contemsa, 73.9% of business-to-business roles convinced that their sales rate has decreased due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

There are also some of the companies that are representing high sales during this situation. Such companies include software developing organizations, which are helping out other businesses with the best home working solutions.

Other than software companies, many more organizations are doing good business in the market without having in-person meetings with the client. If your business is not doing well, then you should be following some of the best tips that we are going to share later in this article.

Some tips by the pros:

Many businesses have started facing losses during this period of COVID-19. Has COVID-19 also ruined your business? Now, here we are going to share some of the useful tips by the professionals through which you can revive your sales. These tips will help you out to increase your revenues during this situation.

ShopZio is the best marketplace for B2B selling. This platform features a variety of brands and also buyers. ShopZio is an omnichannel platform that facilitates the interaction of both buyer and seller. At the start, there were only a few brands registered on this site. Still, during the period of Coronavirus, the registration percentage increased, and now, the company receives multiple requests every day from the vendors to get them registered on ShopZio.

In total, there are 185 suppliers on ShopZio along with, 35,000 active buyers. You can also introduce your brand on this site, just by following a simple procedure. Once you got registered on it, you can start making millions of dollars by selling your product.

· Try Engagio Scout for sales:
While searching over the internet, you will find a wide collection of business tools. No doubt, most of them will be useless, but to save your precious time, you should be directly checking out Engagio Scout for sales solutions.

This intelligent solution designed by Engagio will help out the sales representatives by allowing them access to the Unified Account Inbox. By using this software, you can mine calendars and emails to gather data about your target account.

By using the collected data, you can judge the activities of a specific account. So, now, learn more about your client’s business activities by using this software before contacting him.

Niche Tools/Tactics to create closer relationships:

To maintain the high sales rate in the market, the very first thing is to make a close relationship with the clients. Indeed, one of the hardest tasks is making a closer relationship with a buyer, but now, you can do it easily by using some special techniques and tools:

  • Send coupons/promo codes to your customers:

For building strong and closer relations with a buyer, keep offering them free coupons. These coupons can be related to virtual wellness classes. Such promos will make them feel that your company really cares about them.

Just purchase the promo codes of different exclusive online classes and start sharing them with your clients. This strategy will create a separate space in the client’s heart, and he will prefer your company for the next time.

· Create your Slack community:

Slack is one of the best platforms for B2B selling companies. It helps you out to present your services. By creating a Slack community, you can invite the stakeholders. Once the majority of the stakeholders have joined the community, start promoting the webinars, podcasts, campaigns, and e-books. In this way, the buyers will start getting attracted to your product. To get more attention from the customers, start hosting exclusive Ask Me Experiences (AMAs).

In case you are not receiving a good response, then track the brand’s perception by taking reviews that what people think and feel about your brand. By keeping in view all of the responses, start making changes in your business strategies. By making changes in your campaigns and webinars, you can become successful in attracting a large gathering.

Even this platform will also help you out to keep engaged with the users. You can discuss the problems or the issues that a user is facing. It would be best if you also were listing the solutions so that a user should find your community helpful.

B2B selling in the post-COVID world will be difficult. But with strategically devised investments and plans, anyone can run it successfully.