BeachEdge: Construction Technology Startup
Nov 18, 2021
BeachEdge: Construction Technology Startup

Making Vacation Homes A Reality For Working Professionals

America?s thriving real estate boom is leaving millions of would-be house-owners out in the cold. According to reports, the United States is 5.24 million homes short of demand, making it more difficult for young professionals to live their dream of owning a house.

San Francisco-based construction technology (ConTech) startup, BeachEdge, focuses on constructing sustainable, energy-efficient, and affordable residential lots in the coastal regions. ?Though the country is currently seeing a major shortage of available homes, there are many coastal lots that sit vacantly; so we aim to revitalize little-known beachfront towns that have the potential to become vacation spots,? said Nikhil Couhdhary, BeachEdge Founder and CEO.

The company is equipped with hybrid construction technology solutions along with a construction experience of over 100 years, offering several advantages to the clients. ?Beach homes have always been reserved for the wealthy, and we wanted to disrupt this very notion,? said Nikhil Choudhary. The fractional ownership program offered by BeachEdge allows working professionals to afford the house. This program enables house owners to own a second vacation house and a plethora of properties across the globe.

BeachEdge homes are unique and are equipped with extraordinary facilities and amenities. The team utilizes its state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence platform to recognize and acquire idle lots across the country. The data points that are analyzed using their proprietary AI platform include rental demand, revenue growth, and various other factors. The entire process is remarkably smooth and easy for house owners to acquire their dream vacation home finally. The clients can use the virtual reality model to customize their house's exterior and interior components through the platform within their budget. They also plan to incorporate rental management agencies to help homeowners rent their homes when not in use, subsequently earning a passive income.

The entire team is comprised of construction managers, architects, real estate agents, engineers, and attorneys, who work together to construct LEED-certified smart house with an EV charging station, solar panels, gray water recycling, and several other features. They currently offer vacation homes in three key locations ? San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Portland. The remarkable venture plans to expand its horizons and includes more locations to cater to a broader set of clientele in the foreseeable future.

Learn more about this venture which aims to make vacation homes a reality for modern-day professionals by visiting its official website. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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