7 Best Automation Marketing Tools in 2021
May 5, 2021
7 Best Automation Marketing Tools in 2021

Do you know that the marketing automation tools market is estimated to grow up to USD 19.66 billion in 2026?

That?s huge, right?

This market is ever-growing, with more and more tools launching every year. With so many tools, it can be challenging to find the perfect one for you. Most businesses go for the popular ones.

But as a business owner, you should be careful about choosing the hyped products. Sometimes, automation marketing software is only about the hype. They don?t produce adequate results.

Moreover, you should ensure that the software is suitable for your business.

But before I share the seven best automation marketing software, let?s learn a few things about purchasing.

What you should consider for purchasing automation marketing software?

The first thing you should analyze is the pricing. I have seen several business owners buying the software due to a good deal. But later they found that the software is not compatible with their team and CRM.

Moreover, the pricing is not always at it seems. There are unexpected additional costs on the way. So, you need to be careful about checking the structure. Most of us just see the structure and think it?s a sweet deal.

However, this is where we make the mistake. You should talk to the customer care service if necessary. In such cases, they will hand you the exact pricing of the software.

To make things easier for you, I have come up with this comprehensive checklist you should see for your research. It will help you make a worthy deal.

  • Pricing: When you buy automation marketing software, estimate the cost for 3-5 years. It will help you know whether it's suitable for you in the long run. I suggest you have a call or chat with customer care to get more details about the pricing.
    Be careful about the additional costs that come with the software.
  • Usability: Most automation marketing software is quite complex. They have tons of tools and instruction. These can overwhelm your teammates. If they are unable to learn it, you may have to even invest in the training.
    So, always check the usability. Try some demos before you buy the product.
  • Compatibility with existing software: A few of my friends found out that the software isn't compatible with their existing software after making the purchase. That's not something you want.

Most people buy automation marketing software neglecting this important factor. Several tools only allow integration with a couple of third-party CRMs. So you need to ask customer care if the software is compatible with your CRM or not.


Pricing: $45-$3200+ per month (according to features)

HubSpot?s Marketing Software is one of my favorite automation marketing software. It?s great for inbound marketing which includes search and content marketing. They also have a cool feature for sales and service. So, if you want your sales team and marketing team to work together, this software is the best.

Image via HubSpot

Adobe Marketo Engage

Pricing: Contact customer care

Marketo Engage offers several features from content personalization to automation. If you want automation marketing software for content marketing, analytics, engagement, and sales, you should go for this.

As now it is acquired by Adobe, you can expect super performance. It can handle multiple things including digital advertising to account marketing. So, if you have a bigger company, you might want to buy this product.

Image via Adobe Marketo Engage

Oracle Marketing

Pricing: Contact Oracle

Oracle Marketing is best for multi and cross-channel marketing programs. It gets all your marketing efforts in one screen. It will help you keep a tab on your digital marketing investment and create great campaigns. At the same time, this automation marketing software generates real-time data about the performance.

So, if you want to tweak your campaigns midway, you can do that using real-time data. Oracle Marketing is suitable for both B2B and B2C marketers and companies. So, if your company belongs to these sectors, definitely go for this.

Image via Oracle Marketing

Salesforce Pardot

Pricing: $1250-$4000 per month (depends on the depth of analytics and automation)

The Salesforce Pardot is an automation marketing software tailored for B2B marketers. It comes with comprehensive analytics tools and other features. If you want your sales and marketing team to work together, this tool will help you.

Pardot claims to be the number one marketing automation CRM in the world. It comes with a holistic sales tool that helps in better sales management.

Image via Salesforce Pardot


Pricing: $29-$599+ per month (based on profiles and more)

Hootsuite is among the top social media automation tools. Almost all businesses use this to regulate their social media accounts. It comes with several features such as schedule content, conversation monitor, and more.

It consists of all the things you need to create an excellent social media presence for your brand. It provides three special tools which are insights, streams, and brand protection. All these together help in analyzing trends, monitoring data, and manage security on all social channels.

Image via Hootsuite


Pricing: Free to $63 per month (based on features and number of leads)

Leadfeeder helps you retain those leads who visit your website. This automation marketing software falls under the customer journey automation. It tracks the potential leads visiting your website and shows you all the names.

It is great for the B2B enterprises who are always in search of potential leads. This software can show the names as soon as someone sends you an email. You can then get your marketing team to nurture that lead.

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Image via Leadfeeder


Pricing: $0-$299 per month (based on contacts and features)

If you are searching for trustable email marketing automation software, then Mailchimp is your answer. It's among the most popular automation solution for email marketing. The software helps you reach the right people, create engaging content, automate your marketing, and take actions from insights.

Moreover, it was recently named one of the top global software companies in 2021. If you are a newbie in the email marketing sector, I would suggest you start with Mailchimp. They offer tons of custom templates, helps you with behavioral targeting, and more.

Image via Mailchimp

Ready to get started with your automation marketing software?

Not every company needs to use an automation marketing software. Moreover, these come at a price. But if you want to get things done smoothly and efficiently, then at one point in time you'll need the help of these tools.

However, if you are considering purchasing a tool, you must check whether these tools fit into your strategy. You must be careful about selecting the right one. You don't want to spend your money on software that doesn't work for your team.

You have to see whether these tools are going to make you some profit. The profit need not be from the money aspect. It can be from the strategy aspect or your team's ease of work. So, identify why you need it and then book a demo to get started.

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