Cloud Security: Why Is Cloud Security Important? How Does Remote Work Need Cloud Security?

Oct 8, 2021
4 min read

Cloud security is the crucial thing you want to ensure your data hosted on cloud platforms are secured. The high number of hacking cases on cloud storage of companies and personal data has increased the need for a highly secured cloud security option. Many business owners and self-employed professionals are now willing to use the ideal cloud storage that provides high-level security. And now, it has become one of the critical things in today's cloud storage services.

What Is Cloud Security?

Cloud security is the set of technologies, theories, guidelines, methodologies, and other essential things developed to ensure and control the cloud environment for its users and their crucial data. It conducts a strict system audit, implements the global security guidelines and frameworks and robust access controls. It also measures other things to prevent any cyber attack and loss of essential data or access to users.

Currently, leading companies like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure provide cloud service. And when you go for their cloud service, it is less about setting your profile but more about using such service safely for your requirements. These companies have invested millions of dollars in building their platform and keeping it secure. There might be only a thin layer of the loophole with their highly encrypted, protected infrastructure, disaster backup, connection, and many other features. That can affect your stored data and become the reason for unauthorized access. Thus, in this case, cloud security technology helps you to keep your data secure by implementing internationally regulated security guidelines like GDPR.

Why Is Cloud Security Important?

In a report presented by Cisco, it was mentioned that almost 94% of the workload is dependent on the company's cloud storage. That's why companies stay more curious to find the methods to secure their virtual databases or cloud storage. It is essential to look for because Statista showed in its report that the hackers attack the company's databases every 39 seconds in the USA.

Below are some key points that will highlight the need for an ideal cloud security solution.

#1. Centralized Security Control

By using the cloud security solution, the company can centralize the security control and ensure high-level protection. Most of the businesses that use cloud systems have various sources and devices to use. And it creates difficulty to manage the platform and its crucial data. However, with a cloud-based security system, these processes can become centralized and easy to manage for various purposes. It also increases the efficiency to filter the traffic analysis process and streamline the same for better output.

#2. Cost-Efficient

Many businesses look for solid reasons to implement any of the technology. These reasons mostly run around the cost of acquiring such technology. Implementing cloud security is a cost-efficient decision for the management to ensure security about the company's crucial data. It does not require a heavy investment and also reduces the cost involved in placing physical hardware components. These technologies reduce the company's capital expenses and save a considerable amount from the other overheads. Here you get a 24/7 cloud security service that does not require human attention. You save capital expenditure that can be spent on paying IT professionals.

#3. Disaster Recovery Facility

Disaster can not be controlled; however, you can minimize its effects on your business. Hence by looking for the perfect cloud-based security provider, you can ensure that your customers' stored data and other essential business insights stay with you. And it does not move anywhere with flooding, fire, or unwanted strikes in your organization. Hence if you want to keep retaining the trust and confidence of your customers, then it is always better to use a cloud security system.

#4. A Reliable Approach To Implement

As cloud technology holds 94% of the work of businesses hence it needs to be secure. And by ensuring the security for the same, the cloud security solutions are the option on which the company can rely entirely. It ensures only authorized persons get access to the information and users can use the available data safely without any data breach.

#5. Minimize The Administrative Workload

Once the company finds a reliable and reputable cloud service provider, it can help minimize its administrative work. Now they do not need to look for the manual security configurations and do not require updating their system quickly. The physical hardware store also has a massive drain that can be reduced by taking it to the cloud. Because this security administration can be done on behalf of the company without putting hard effort into the physical storage devices. Moreover, it also ensures to keep the cloud-based data access activity with the strict security process.

How Remote Work Needs An Increase To The Cloud Security System?

Nowadays, most businesses are trying to implement the work from home or remote work culture in their organization. As it saves their capital expenditure and other overheads that they need to pay to a regular employee. But on the other hand, it also has increased the importance of using cyber security solutions.

#1. The Massive Increase In Cyber Attacks

As per the report, hackers attack a company's database every 39 seconds only in America. And hence the organizations need to ensure their data security, moreover with the remote worker, the risk of data the chances of hacking increases. Thus, these days the businesses also need to secure the endpoints from where their remote workers have access to such crucial data.

#2. Seamless Accessibility

With the cloud-based solution, businesses can keep their data in a virtual database. And hence even if they are online, their remote workers can also access the data and execute the assigned work. Moreover, if the company has its physical database, it may need to stop the working process from monitoring the stored data. But if they have stored data in virtual form, it will not require any physical audit, and hence the workers can smoothly perform the assigned task.

#3. It Solves The Data Leaking Issues

Generally, the cloud-based storage of the companies holds the vast data of targeted customers, data-driven solutions, and much other essential information. And if it gets continuous access by another professional, it can become the reason for leaking crucial data. At remote work, the professional may be using an unorganized structure to perform the work. And hence the malware or other harmful tools can access the same data from their devices. But cloud security adds an added layer of data security to the company's data.


Cyber security is one of the crucial aspects needed for every business with an online presence and holds essential data. By using cyber security solutions, businesses can save much time and prompt the working process. Hence they can stay competitive, and also their remote workers can safely execute the given task.