DevOps- What Is It And Why It Matters?
May 23, 2020
DevOps- What Is It And Why It Matters?

With the increasing need for faster and leaner app development, DevOps has become one of the most preferred methods for delivering quality applications. A study by suggests that over 81% of enterprises now prefer this approach.

However, even with this adoption rate, there are still many lingering confusions about the approach. For instance, what exactly is DevOps, what are the roles of DevOps engineers, and when is the right time to adopt this method? This post will help you to find an answer to all these questions.

What is DevOps?

The life cycle of an app includes multiple stages like security, analysis, testing, and a lot more from development to deployment. These functions are widely classified into two categories: the operational stages and the development stages. There are generally two different teams to handle these tasks: the developer team and the IT or the operators.

Working Of DevOps

DevOps is a collaboration system that combines both these teams for faster app development. It started from a conference handle in Ghent, Belgium, in 2009 and came to light in around 2014 when several businesses began to adopt it over the traditional app development ways. The simple reason for its development and high adoption rate was the communication issues it solved and the speed enhancement it offers.

Previously, the developers had to develop the app and then send it to the operators. These operators would check the app's performance and send feedback. They have to repeat the process until the app is perfect. It was time-consuming and often led to conflicts. DevOps, on the other hand, had no such issues.

Since both teams worked together, they could talk in real-time and solve all the issues. The system also allowed them to check both the codes and the operation without causing any delay. As a result, the developed app met both the deadlines and the required quality.

Apart from communication, DevOps also enables the automation of specific processes. There are several tools and stacks in this system that can help you to evolve the apps when required. These tools also helped the engineers to individually accomplish tasks that would generally require aid from other teams. It comes in handy for enhancing the velocity of the team.

What Do DevOps Engineers Do?

DevOps has emerged as one of the most successful ways of app development. Today almost every firm that needs faster results is opting for this specific system for app development. The demand for professionals who are skilled in DevOps is damn high at this time.

However, the field is not as old as the other app development field and therefore has a lot of confusion about it. Due to the similarity between software developers and DevOps engineers, many think that both these jobs need the same skill west. However, in reality, DevOps engineers need diverse skills to thrive in the field. Here's a small list of skills that you will need.

Role Of DevOps Engineers

Soft Skills

Working with a team of diverse types of people with multiple types of skills is always tricky. There will be various answers to every question, different ways of approaching problems, and distinct working methods. These factors can easily create communication gaps and land into conflicts amongst the team. They can harm not only inter-member relations but also harm your work quality.

Obviously, none of these problems will be good for your carrier in the company. So, you must have a deep understanding of your team and always know the best way to share your views or approach them.

Coding and Database Management

From the core, DevOps is a system of developing apps, which means it will include languages and databases. You need to learn about both SQL and NoSQL database management tools for making applications. As for the languages, you can start with a few like python and JavaScript and then learn more on the way.

Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Cloud and virtualization are the next steps in app development. Almost every company is moving towards these two trends for better performance and flexibility. The two tools help to simplify the whole development task and provide seamless access to the system databases from any place. Therefore, if you are looking for a prosperous career in the app development field, visualization and cloud system is must to learn tools.

System Expertise

A DevOps engineer works as both a developer and an IT professional. Therefore, you cannot expect to call a professional IT expert for every minor malfunction in your system. You have to learn about the basic troubleshoots that your system may need and the tools you will need for them. Taking help from an IT professional at times will be fine, but the companies always prefer engineers who can handle most situations by themselves. It helps to reduce both the expenses and the downtime of an app or server.

Data Security

The DevOps engineers are responsible for writing the codes for apps and websites. It makes the first line of defence of any software against malware and viruses. Knowing about data security ensures that their codes are free from any vulnerability that can harm the users or the app.

Some firms also combine their software security teams with the DevOps team for this very cause. They call it the DevSecOps system. Here the DevOps Engineers take measures to write safe codes, monitor them, and perform precise testing to find/fix the vulnerable sections.

Automation And Tools

In DevOps, you have to deploy automated testing tools to check the app while it's being built. It ensures that by the time you deploy the application, it's fully optimized, bug-free, and up to the user's requirement. Therefore, you need to learn about the basics of automation and the tools used for these processes. There is no need to get details of all the automation tools, but you need to know the basics of all of them and advanced knowledge of a few of them. You can start with trending tools like Selenium and water to get started with this part.

When Is The Right Time To Opt For DevOps?

DevOps is a way of app development, and there are no specifications for using it. You can consider it at any time, depending on your needs and its benefits. You can consider it anytime you need one or more of the following.

? Develop quality applications within a limited time.

? Eliminate the time and resources spent in knowledge transfer amongst different departments.

? Decentralize responsibilities to come up with innovative ideas for the applications.

? Reduce the risk and cost involved in building the app and deploying it.

? Enhance the pace and frequency of your releases to improve your app quickly.

? Scale the application regularly to meet the customer requirements.

? Level up the communications amongst your team for a better work environment.

? Ensure security of the application at every step without affecting deadlines.

Famous Companies Using DevOps

DevOps is an exceptionally good approach to app development and not just on books but also in real life. This is why even the most famous companies in the world are opting for it. Here's a list of companies that have adopted this system and have gained excellent results from it.

? Amazon

? Netflix

? Etsy

? Target


? Hertz

DevOps Optimizers

The DevOps mechanism has benefits in all aspects and worked brilliantly, but that does not mean there is no room for improving it. There are multiple tools and techniques that you can use for it. For instance, if you can use self-contained containers with this model. They come with a pre-configured delivery mechanism that makes them very effective in deploying changes to the software infrastructure. It can help you to avoid microservice complexity errors and simplify the monitoring of data. The container is also helpful in developing multiple management systems to ensure the quality and security of your codes.

Another way to enhance your DevOps mechanism is to use automation in it. You can integrate into the system to measure the metrics like the leads you get and the overall progress of your firm. The automation can also take care of the redundant task and ensure that you don't have to waste time doing them manually.

Key Takeaway

DevOps is a rather new and growing method of app development. It is very similar to agile and is often confused with it. However, it is much very different from the agile system and definitely offers many more benefits for it.

The system has shown immense growth in the last few years due to its quality and is still growing at an alarming rate. It won't be wrong to say that it will soon be shaping the app development world at this rate. Therefore, you must consider this method for progressing the app development world and get the most out of it.