Online Gaming Platforms
May 12, 2020
Online Gaming Platforms

Online and console games are among the big businesses of the world, representing sales of over $130 billion annually, which is nearly equal to Hollywood?s revenues. A few decades before, the gaming industry was not among the popular ones, but now gaming as a whole is growing by more than 8% every year.

Last year, the gaming market represented the sales around above $138.7 billion, and Newzoo predicted that it would increase by 9.5% in 2020. In recent, the senior market analyst of Newzoo revealed that the gaming industry would represent sales of more than $158 billion this year, which is approximately 9.3% year-over-year growth.

Not only games are the best source of entertainment, but they also have some health benefits. According to Forbes, games enhance your brain power and memory quality. Even many doctors recommend parents to engage their children with games to improve their reasoning and calculation skills.

Nowadays, people prefer online games because those games are easy to access and play. The time-consuming task is to find the best online gaming platform. If you are in search of a secure online gaming platform, then you should be reading out this article because today, we are going to discuss here variety of online gaming platforms.

Gaming Platforms for casual gamers:

We can notice a massive change in the gaming industry by a perfect example of the Pentium series- PC?s replacement with the octa-core and other heavy processors. No doubt, now we can play high-quality games, but none of the latest games can beat the joy of the Super Mario and Metal Slug. Yes, these casual games will remain evergreen. If you are also a casual game lover, so this part of the article is just for you because now we are going to list the top 3 gaming platforms for casual gamers.

? King:

King is the main title working behind the success of a popular casual game, Candy Crush Saga. You will find many other casual games on this platform that will surely enhance your gaming experience.

There are more than 230 million active users on this platform, and no doubt, the numbers of players are increasing day-by-day because you can access this platform on multiple devices, including smartphones and PC. The exciting thing about is that it features more than 200 games that are available in multiple genres.

? Miniclip:

Miniclip is famous around the globe, where hundreds and thousands of casual games are published. If you ever wished to play a casual game, then don't forget to go for the Miniclip. Whether you are an action game lover, a puzzle-solving genius, or a racing guy, you will find every type of game on this platform.

You can play Miniclip games on both desktop and smartphone. It holds a net worth of more than $2 billion. The most playable game of Miniclip is an 8 ball pool where you can also make real money. Due to the collection of interesting games, there are more than 200 million active users of the Miniclip.

? Pogo:
Pogo is a well-known but straightforward online gaming platform specially designed for casual gamers. This platform is slightly different from Miniclip because it also features Casino and gambling games.

You will find games of multiple brands, like Hasbro and Pop cap, on Pogo. The estimated worth of is $33,470,000. You can easily access the games of this platform on multiple devices.

Gaming Platforms for serious gamers:

Nowadays, gaming is becoming a profession, and many of the serious players are earning a handsome income monthly. Are you a serious gamer? Do you love to play games using gaming consoles? Are you looking for the best platform to practice your skills? Here are the top 3 gaming platforms for serious gamers:

? Steam:
Steam is one of the best platforms for serious gamers. It is entertaining the world of gamers for several years. Steam went popular after the release of Counter-Strike version 1.4. You can trade your gaming items on this platform or can also use the buying and selling features of it. It is the most certified gaming platform for serious gamers, so none of the scams is involved in it.

Unfortunately, you cannot play Steam games on your smartphones, but yes, you can enjoy them on your gaming consoles or PCs. Steam has a net worth of $1.5 Billion and more than 200 million active users.

? Xbox:
Xbox is getting famous these days because of its online gaming accounts. This console gaming platform features multiple games that are related to various niches. Many competitions and tournaments held that include Xbox gaming. If you are a serious gamer, then you must be trying Xbox.

Last year, there were 57 million active users on this gaming platform, but now, the number number has increased to 65 million. You can access Xbox games on the consoles as well as on the Windows 10 operating system.

? PlayStation:
You are not a real game lover if you haven't tried this platform yet. You will find a wide range of games by signing up on the PlayStation platform. PlayStation is one of the most successful projects of Sony. No doubt, PlayStation features some of the extraordinary games that are unavailable on other gaming platforms. Indeed, those games are unique and worthy to play, so you should be giving a try to PlayStation.

You can only access PlayStation games on the consoles; it is unavailable for the desktop or mobile version. Last year, the company represented the revenues of $70 million, and this year we can expect a massive increment.

? Google Stadia:
Google Stadia is an online gaming platform that is managed and operated by Google. You can stream multiple games on this platform of up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. There are more than 30 games available on this platform to purchase.

You can use Google Stadia on any device, but it would be better to use it on the smartphone because it has a poor launch on the PC as it lacks some significant features. Google Stadia is not a popular gaming platform, so it has active users in the value of the thousands.

How do brands advertise on online gaming platforms?

In the 90s, the concept of online gaming was not present, so the brands use to advertise by introducing their packages in the games. Some of them also developed unique games with the character designed according to the brand's theme. Now, it has become much easy to advertise a brand because of the different online gaming platforms.

? Reward ads:

This strategy is best for advertising your business. Whenever a player is killed in the game, he will be offered a video watching reward to restore his character's life. You can provide your promo to the platform, which it will play whenever a player plays the reward winning video.

? Banner ads:

You can also advertise your business by paying some amount to the game publishers to add a small banner on the main screen of the gameplay. That banner may include your business name, offers, packages, etc.

Notable Successes of Brands Advertising on Gaming Platforms:

There are many online gaming platforms where a brand can advertise, but have you ever heard about Esports? Esports is an online competition using video games. It features hundreds of gamers and various kinds of tournaments. Even the winner gets a cash reward. Indeed, it is the best online gaming platform for brands to advertise. Now, we are going to share some of the most notable successes of brands advertising on gaming platforms.

? Changing the game:
Microsoft designed an Xbox adapter controller, especially for people with disabilities. They feature an ambitious young gamer named Owen. That boy was born with Escobar Syndrome. He shared the experience with the Xbox adapter that how it helped him out in playing games. Changing the game got viral across the globe, and many disabled people started purchasing an Xbox adapter to fulfill their gaming desires.

? Against the odds:
Against the odds was 80 minutes long campaign based on the journey of the OG team. The documentary features all highlights of the past several years that include how the OG team was formed and how they achieved the title of the best Esports team. The main objective of this campaign was to encourage gamers to game on a variety of platforms. This brand advertisement received more than 1 million reviews and 5000 comments. The Esports platform noticed an increase in the number of participants after this campaign.

? Senior game-changers:
The senior game-changers campaign proved that whether you are a teenager or an old adult, gaming is for everyone. A team in CS: GO was made by adding old adults. This team of old adults defeated multiple teams of youngsters, interviewed on multiple platforms, spoken with politicians, and motivated other gamers.

Why do gamers game?

Many of us play games or watch others while playing games most of the time in a day, but have you ever thought why do gamers game? Multiple reasons force a person to play games.

? Mental satisfaction:

A large number of people play games for mental satisfaction. People are becoming addicted to video games, and playing a game at least for 1 hour every day makes them mentally satisfied. It is one of the main reasons that people play games.

? For improving brain condition:

Games are not only played for joy, but in some cases, gamers play games for improving mental health. Psychologists recommend people facing stress to play games because it helps in getting the relief of it.

? To earn money:
As we mentioned before that now you can earn money by playing games, so many people are involved in this activity to make a good figure income. Even games are the bread and butter of a large percentage of people.

How does an average gamer look-like?

Many people believe that only teenagers play video games, but actually, this practice has become a significant mainstream activity for both young and old adults. Of course, gaming has grown up. According to the survey, the average age of the adult gamer is 31 years old. In the United States, 65% of gamers fall in the age range from 18 to 49 years old. The most exciting fact is that the percentage of gamers above 50 is higher than the players whose age lies under 18. Not only are males involved in game streaming, but females are also a part of this activity. There are 52% male gamers and 48% female gamers.

Final thoughts:

There are multiple online gaming platforms where you can start as a beginner as well as an expert. In this article, we discussed the online gaming platforms in depth. To facilitate you with the best online gaming platforms for casual gamers and also for serious gamers, we have listed some of the most certified platforms.

If you are running a brand and want to increase your business, then you must be advertising through online gaming platforms. We have shared the details that will surely help you out in the advertisement of your business.