Education Technology Innovations and Their Role in the COVID World

Apr 14, 2021
4 min read

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions” fits aptly for the technological innovations that were brought together by COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 was a year of struggles for many. People were confined to their homes. Students were missing their traditional learning spaces, and the economy was sinking with no vaccine.

Especially the educational innovations that surfed in the world at the time of need.

Traditional to Virtual - The New Educational shift

Traditional age-old education systems have always shown resistance to change until the COVID pandemic knocked them down with no other options. The teachers who never supported online classes and tutoring have now become a crucial part of E-teaching. Though many companies like Google, Zoom, Microsoft, etc., provide the necessary resources for a successful online class, little did we know about the technology-based AI learning systems.

This article helps you understand the innovations that have turned the traditional educational system into a modern advanced learning mode.

Learning at your Ease
Research proves that virtual learning provided better memory retention compared to regular classes. With learning at ease, students are also inquisitive about all the technologies and applications. The brain being exposed to creative visuals makes learning exciting both for children and their parents.

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things
When speaking of innovation, let us not forget the foremost frontrunner of all technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Students can get customized lessons curated according to their learning speed with this incredible technology. This might not be possible in traditional classes, and it has shown proven benefits, especially in shy and humble kids.

Educational systems like schools and colleges are benefitted using AI platforms. Many schools have incorporated AI in their system. It has helped in the research and to analyze the insights on teaching methods. Technologies like AI now inspire many ways of teaching.

Other Technological Innovations that You Should Look Out in the Near Future

AI replacing teachers
During the quarantine period, many got to know about the value of video learning platforms and how they can help students study. Many students searched their lessons’ names on YouTube to see if there is an easy video explaining the topic that they did not understand entirely. The most shocking thing is that video learning platforms work like a charm for understanding the subject more easily. There might be a possibility where AI can take over the job of teachers.

Persuasive lessons that help the students
Teachers have always dealt with students from different backgrounds. An experienced teacher knows what to do and when to do when it comes to handling a class. But one thing that makes AI more favorable is its sense of persuasion, even though it's just a machine. The attractive images, the soothing voice, and the engaging content they offer can easily capture both students’ and parents' attention.

Social Virtual Reality chat spaces for students to learn and discuss
The one common disadvantage that everyone talks about Artificial Intelligence is people will not have a chance to interact with other human beings. They will not learn to socialize with others. Social Virtual Reality offers chat spaces not just for fun and interaction, but also for learning and discussing. What is better than having a study buddy online?

Recorded lessons for future reference
A human's attention span is 30 minutes maximum. A traditional class takes up to 45- 55 minutes. Even the studious student will get distracted after a while. This, in turn, might make them miss out on lessons. How many days would we all have come to our home after class and try to remember the learning block we missed. But with technology, you get the recorded lessons. You can refer to it anytime at your own pace.

Graphics incorporated in the study lessons
Imagine yourself as a kid in a college library. What book will you be interested in? Obviously, the one with more graphic materials and images. Even though a kid might not read a book, he/she will love to look at the illustrative pages. This will, in turn, make them inclined towards learning.

Cost-saving educational lessons
Many parents spend an enormous amount of money on their children's education. Apart from the education, you get charged additionally for the commute, books, and other services provided by the school/college. But with technology, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality platforms are affordable and are easy to handle. What will you choose? A better education that is super affordable, with the best quality content that students love, or a costly school education system where you learn the same thing repeatedly.

Now that I have explained all these, the ball is in your court!

How wonderful will it be if your children would love to learn and get good grades? Feels good, right? This can be possible with adaptive learning that provides engaging, fun, and creative content that is easy to learn. Many Indian start-ups now realize the importance of technology in the field of education. With time we will realize what it holds for the student’s future. There is an app for everything when it comes to education that is using AR, VR, and AI technologies where learners are put in charge.

We shouldn't depend on crises like COVID to rethink Education. Technology has changed the way students learn. Teachers are not just teaching but also guiding students to learn innovatively using technology. This will help the students to be self-reliant. At the end of the day, students should be eager to learn using innovations.

Let us hope that the education technologies that surfaced during COVID remain and grow in the future.