How To Use Facebook Frame Studio To Market Your Brand?

May 7, 2021
2 min read

Over the years, Facebook has evolved a lot. For many years, it allowed businesses to interact with their customers and also with other businesses. It used to be easy to come across a brand on Facebook with its algorithm more focused on branded content, but this has changed, and now it harder than ever to reach your followers and attract your target audience.

So, how can brands reach their customers when it is so difficult? To help businesses with this difficulty, Facebook launched Facebook Frame Studio in 2017.

Facebook Frame Studio allows users everywhere in the world to produce and upload clear, static overlaid image filters and digital frames to images captured by the Facebook camera. The feature, similar to Instagram and Snapchat filters, offering your friends, family, and supporters a new way to express themselves creatively.

Why Use Facebook Frame Studio?

It is a great marketing feature, and businesses can take full advantage of it to create their presence and interact with their audience. Businesses and marketers can create frames with their brand logo or design that will represent the brand. When their customers or audience use these frames, it will create brand awareness. This will result in increased brand reach for the business.

The secret to properly using Frame Studio begins with the layout. A good layout and design should be consumer-focused but still relevant to the company or the event it is hosting. For example, for the 4th of July, unveiling an American flag-themed frame with your brand's name or promoting your college’s sports team is a smart way to interact with the customer. Users will be eager to use this to participate in the fun national event while also raising brand awareness.

Apart from the layout and the design, you should consider your core demographic. When you post your frame on Facebook, you will reach out to them in a number of different ways. By using targeted keywords in the frames, the audience will be able to search the frame faster. Because you're targeting a specific audience, you'll have a better chance of generating leads through Facebook frame.

To learn how to set up your branded Facebook Frames, read this article by our very own Techfastly writer.

How To Promote Your Facebook Frame To Your audience?

This is the most challenging part for most marketers to promote a frame to their audience. You need to make sure that it is not just a promotional or branded message instead, it needs to be engaging and personal so, that it can appeal to the audience.

There are a number of ways a business can promote its frames. The most common method is to share the URL of the frame with the audience on the business Facebook page. This way the post will reach all the followers of the page and their mutual friends too.

This URL can also be sent to customers via Facebook Messenger directly or through their newsletter (if the company has one).

Facebook Frame Studio is a more affordable choice than Snapchat filters. If you create a unique design that customers would enjoy, release it during an event using targeted keywords to see marketing results.

All in all, Facebook Frame Studio is one of the most cheapest and effective features brands can use to not only promote their cause/event but also interact with their customers and show them a fun and personal side of the brand. More brands are jumping on this feature whose majority audience is on Facebook, but brands with target audience on other platforms are also moving to this feature to enhance their interaction and increase their customer base.