Happify Health and Higi Partner to Develop an AI-powered Patient Engagement System

Aug 31, 2021
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Recently, Happify Health and Higi announced their plans to develop an AI-driven patient ecosystem. It will consist of Happify Health's AI and digital therapeutics and Higi's Omni-channel distribution network. Together, it will be able to provide personalized patient care.

The health industry is going through a massive change due to the developments in Artificial Intelligence. At the same time, the present pandemic situation has created a high demand for “online services”. However, people want the same environment and experience of regular patient care at a medical institute.

It has led several top players of the health industry to introduce seamless online patient care. You may have come across several apps and online platforms that provide online healthcare services.

Happify Health and Higi’s partnership and creation of the patient ecosystem will take it a step further.

How Does the AI-Powered Patient Ecosystem Work?

Higi already owns a consumer health engagement platform. The AI system will use this platform for the networking process. The platform helps in reaching the top-class retail and health care organizations that are connected with the platform.

Happify Health’s digital therapeutics will provide patient care solutions through this network. It will provide solutions to mental and physical problems to the consumers.

Happify Health’s platform will have access to the proprietary network of 10,000 health solutions of Higi.

In this way, all the stakeholders of the healthcare industry can utilize the platform to deliver smooth customer service. The stakeholders will gain access to a massive patient population who will connect with them for their services.

Happify Health's system contains a huge non-episodic health data. It provides digital therapeutics and solutions. Therefore, the stakeholders will get a clear picture of what their consumers demand.

In this pandemic, when most of the population is stuck home, this partnership will help bring massive transformation. A great portion of the underserved communities will get access to swift medical care online.

For Happify Health, Higi’s massive retail network allows us to reach a new and diverse population of people and engage them in a digital healthcare journey,” said Tomer Ben-Kiki, Happify Health’s Chief Executive Officer.

According to him, it’s a "powerful combination of in-person and digital healthcare systems." With the help of this duo AI mechanism, any healthcare organization can deliver better health services to its customers.

Moreover, Higi's platform is on Microsoft Azure which will help in providing a seamless and secure delivery. Customers and patients from anywhere in the world can check out this new AI platform.

What Can You Expect From This Partnership as a Consumer?

One of the notable features of this AI platform is it is available for the whole world. So, anyone having access to the platform can enjoy the services it provides. Several health industry retailers and organizations will connect through it.

You can imagine it to work as a social media for health-related issues. However, with this, you will only get connected with the right organization that can help you out.

Happify Health is a global health software building company. It has already designed software that helps in improving mental and physical and takes care of your well-being. With the partnership with Higi, they are going to deliver their software to the health industry.

So, a huge network of patients and the health industry would be built.

Source: Happify Health

From the side of Happify Health, you can expect AI-based coaching, community, prescriptions, and patient solutions under one platform. The platform will be available in different languages and will have huge data for the consumers.

Source: Higi

On the other hand, Higi will support you through a network. From their side, you will get a tracker f your health data along with the network.

Although Higi's omni-channel is meant more for the retailers, it will help to develop a consumer community online. It will allow more consumer-to-consumer communication as well.

Higi is also responsible for providing the data that is necessary to educate the consumers about health problems, diseases, and more. Moreover, when you are connected with this platform, you will be able to reach out to any health organization at any time of the day.

So, you will have 24/7 access to top-class medical institutes that will surely help you.

According to a study, Americans do not get appropriate health support in the long run presently.

Jeff Bennett, CEO of Higi, said "Imagine the additional burden of taking on a potentially daunting personal health goal without the appropriate behavioral health support. For too many Americans, this is a reality. Our partnership with Happify unlocks an impactful new engagement channel for platform users.”

Ready To Avail the Services by this Partnership?

When we talk about the health industry and AI, people become skeptical. They don't want robots taking over the medical industry.

But that’s a wrong notion!

With Artificial Intelligence, a lot of things will become easier for the consumers. They will be able to get high-quality healthcare services right from their home. As an aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may expect more services to go online.

There is a rising demand for at-home services presently. And the partnership of Happify Health and Higi is bringing a tremendous change in the health industry. Since this will be available for the whole world, anyone from anywhere can avail of the services.

So, even if you are on holiday, you can get services from the best healthcare retailer in the city. That's how the healthcare AI will work for you.

For more details, you can check the websites of Happify Health and Higi. You can also enjoy their existing services through their website to get an idea of what's coming next.

You may also go through the press release by the duo to learn more about the platform.