How Could A Colony On Mars Change Everything On Earth

Feb 5, 2022
4 min read
"The colonization of space is the only possible salvation of Earth."

-Issac Asimov

Colony on Mars! Not possible at all, right? Well, the future says something else, where initially we were finding signs of life on Mars, and now we are planning to settle a colony. However, this dream can bring a number of changes to Earth in almost every aspect.

Before such a thing happens, we know it's even complicated to find people who can work on colonizing different planets like Mars to see if habitation there is possible, but what if we say such people are working on this day and night. Yes, it's true!

They know this indeed will be a massive achievement for humans if it turns out well. Moreover, there are many interesting facts like how this colony on Mars can bring changes to earth.

Why Colonize Mars? How Will This Help Humans On Earth?

According to NASA, a humanized colony on Mars will stand as a great example for Science and its growing fate. It's the optimistic impetus of the challenge, particularly for the present new generation.

The diversity on Mars isn't that sufficient to move through is one of those awful suggestions we frequently hear. So, we have to nudge every other individual aside and even eradicate them to seize what's there.

Reasons How Colonizing Mars Helps Humans

  • Among the other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, Mars is the most accessible one.
  • There's a possibility of the discovery of new life, which could answer several questions like human evolution, origin, and life, and impact the life of on Earth.
  • The potential for more in-depth, observational research compared to other unmanned rovers,
  • Economic interest in its resources.
  • Mars can possibly provide the salvation humans need, 'A Second Earth.'

There exist such individuals in the Pentagon who see the growth of China and tell them that it has to halt; in case they all evolve middle class, there won't exist sufficient petroleum across the globe. In case that sort of thought resides, it will oversee further conflicts.

Human research and accommodation of Mars is a confutation of this hypothesis. We can open doors to entirely different planets of reserves if we practice our ingenuity. It's the sole optimistic explanation.

What Would Be The Exact Strategy?

The plan is to search for some slight analysis tasks to hunt the proper location for a permanent base. And once this is achieved, a large amount of burden will be off, and then we can transport a massive amount of cargo with some occupants.

And subsequently, send a band of people to incorporate a greenhouse to produce meals and plants to produce steel, oxygen, fuel, etc.

After this process, the people there may become self-dependent, which will help them to send further batches of people there to increase habitation.

So, if all this is to work out, we have to send people gradually and not go with 100K people on the first day and the same number on the second outing. As said earlier, it has to be gradual and not sudden.

What Makes Mars A Place To Live?

It might come out as a surprise, but there is water on the mars planet, and that too, not only on the poles. Nasa's successful research program provided this data for mars.

Furthermore, they also have discovered glaciers on Mars which are exactly near the latitude of San Francisco in the United States.

There is more water on Mars than the Huge lakes in the U.S.A. It is just that they are wrapped by just a few feet of dust and grain, which may not be an issue as it is a shoveling extent.

Some people relate the human's arrival on Mars planet to the Europeans sabotaging the Native American, alongside the bison and the Redwood forest. We all are aware, and we agree that: something valuable was demolished in that occurrence.

However, imagine what would be the case if there were nothing on the island but just some rocks with a few inserts under it when Columbus arrived.

Subsequently, people built this island into a continent with all the facilities available easily with libraries and institutions. But, would we be celebrating Columbus Day parades and Mardi Gras?

What Will Happen After Colonizing Mars? Will It Look Like Utopia?

Mars is one of the perfect places we are in search of right now, a place where there are no rules and regulations. Without restriction we could test new ideas and even the planet may play the part of an engine in future inventions and developments.

But, unfortunately, Mars will not be like a utopia, however, you may see some future gigs from Hollywood. Many of them might not work out, but a few of them may work out and may get into daily use.

What about the earth? As the globe is already in tons of difficulties. Yes, it is tough and will be a lot more challenging than what we just anticipated. But, definitely, this will fill up the wide gap we see above our heads.

However, for such a big dream hope is very necessary, giving up before even trying is not what we want as it is the worst thing to do and will lead to giving up anything better than that.

Wrapping Up

Colonizing anywhere on earth is challenging and when you think of a place located millions of kilometers away from earth, it gets almost impossible. Still, big space organizations like NASA look all set to build colonies on Mars and also stated how the earth will get affected by this. If everything goes as per the prediction we will very soon witness a colony on Mars and of course how this colony will affect the earth, but one thing is clear if this happens we may observe a new tech revolution.