How to Backup SaaS Data
Jul 14, 2021
How to Backup SaaS Data

Formerly known as Software as a Service by Microsoft, SaaS is one of the most preferred software licensing and delivery models of Cloud Computing. It is commonly used in office software, messaging services, payroll processing, CAD, gamification, customer relationship management and more.

Why Do Businesses Choose SaaS?

One of the major reasons why businesses choose SaaS is that entrepreneurs don?t have to install and run applications on their data centers that eventually cut down on their expense of maintenance, installation and upgrades. However, here are some more benefits of SaaS that assure SaaS is the best option for businesses:

Payment Flexibility- SaaS allows entrepreneurs to pay according to their subscriptions.

Scalability- Entrepreneurs do not have to manually increase or decrease scalability by upgrading hardware. SaaS will automatically scale up or down according to your business needs.

Easy Accessibility- Entrepreneurs can have access to the data anytime from anywhere given that they are connected to the internet.

Customizable- SaaS can be easily customized by entrepreneurs according to their needs such as integration with other business applications.

Data Backup- SaaS creates a backup of all your original data that can be used if you accidentally delete your data or due to some malicious activities you lose your data.

But ever wondered what will happen if you also lose the data from your SaaS backup? Losing your data even from SaaS backup will result in huge damage to the business. According to the surveys done on SaaS Data by SpiceWork Community, 1 out of 3 companies lose their SaaS data, 47% of data is damaged from user end deletion, 13% of data is deleted by hackers, and 17 percent is lost due to overwritten codes by the employees.

Besides, it is reported that 77% of companies have lost their data using SaaS applications that resulted in a great loss of the business and its reputation. Well, you can still retrieve your lost data with the following methods:

Multiple copies: One of the best ways to keep a backup of SaaS data is by making multiple copies of the data. Ideally saving it in different locations will make things easier to retrieve when you lose your data. Entrepreneurs can also implement third-party backup solutions as well such as Cloud Security Alliance Membership, Strong Encryption Cyphers, SSAE 16 Compliance and more.

Use User-Friendly Backup Platform: Loss of data from your backup can lead to a waste of time and energy for the employees. Entrepreneurs should include training sessions for their employees on using user-friendly backup platforms. By training them to use user-friendly sessions such as Google App, Office 365 and more, employees can solve their own data loss issues without the need of IT consultants.

Create Metadata: Metadata also plays an important role in finding your data in the SaaS cloud. Metadata can help in changing the sharing, collaborating and controlling the stored data. However, not all SaaS data solutions have a Metadata feature or some may have it enabled only in the premium account.

Keep Monitoring Backup: Even when your backup solution is doing its job, you must also monitor your backup often to keep a check on data corruption or invading of viruses. So you take action before there is any damage done.

Final Words

SaaS Backup solutions are an important part of your business model. Many times due to human error the original data can be damaged or programmatic errors that cannot be undone easily. Besides, it always protects your data from hackers or any malware inside.

Keeping data safe is not only part of the business models but also ethical values that add to brand reputations. Considering the payment flexibility against the benefits that an entrepreneur enjoys is a great deal to build your brand with safety.