The ERP as an Industry

Jul 2, 2020
1 min read
The ERP Industry By Yogi Kalra

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) industry has exploded in recent years. Most companies are not able to compete with their homegrown disparate systems that are not capable of providing relevant, real-time information for decision making. Thus, these companies are moving to some form of an ERP or another. Not all ERPs are alike, and not in all cases will they be a solution to all of the company's issues. This series of articles will look at the companies in the ERP industry with a neutral view on their history, relative competencies, the solutions they offer, and the direction they are going.

About the Author: Yogi Kalra is a senior ERP consultant and has been in this space for over 25 years. His company, Shefaria Enterprises Inc., based in GTA, implements and maintains ERP systems and also has a back-office in India for development and off-hours support. Among their esteemed clients, past and present, are Shred-it, Kemira, NBA, Chevron, BELL, Freightliner, J&J, among others. It is based out of the GTA area and has all kinds of offerings relating to the industry.