Microsoft and Meta Agree to Connect Their Teams and Workplace Platforms

Dec 2, 2021
1 min read

Microsoft and Meta join forces for business communication. They announce a reciprocal integration of their Teams and Workplace tools for their shared customers.

Microsoft and Meta (formerly Facebook) are friends when it comes to business collaboration tools. On November 10, they are announcing a partnership to integrate their Teams (instant group chat) and Workplace (corporate social network) tools and allow them to share information.

A More "Organic" Workspace

This will allow companies using both solutions to have a more functional and "organic" workspace, rather than two separate and non-communicating environments.

Users equipped with both solutions will now have a Workplace application for Teams pinned to the navigation bar and facilitate monitoring and interaction with news published on the social network. Teams admins will also be able to pin content they think is essential through Workplace for Teams.

Otherwise, it will be possible to stream video from Teams to Workplace. Employees will view, react to and comment on announcements in real-time, whether they are using Workplace or Teams. Presenters will also see these responses in Teams.

This use case is one of the strengths of Meta's tool and what motivated its adoption by several large customers in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, Workplace makes it possible to efficiently distribute content to tens of thousands of people thanks to technologies developed for the social network Facebook.

Carrefour Establishes a Partnership with Meta

The latest company to adopt it: Carrefour, which has just signed a significant contract with Meta to accelerate its digital transformation. Customers like Vodafone, Flight Center Travel Group, and Falabella have already tested the Workplace integration with Teams. Live video streaming will arrive in 2022.

Microsoft and Meta are not on their first attempt. They have already integrated Workplace with SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft 365. The Workplace is also one of the 15 most used Azure AD applications. Teams will also be available from December on Meta Portal devices.