Pros of Instagram's New Feature, Text-to-speech, And Voice Effects

Dec 15, 2021
4 min read

Instagram has some great news to share with all Instagram lovers out there. Meta-owned Instagram has taken up a new avatar recently. They introduced two new features to reels which include voice effects and text-to-speech. This is a great deal to all the creators as they have more options to explore now.

Text-to-speech Feature

It is possible to read additional text using an artificial voice in the video using the text-to-speech tool. On the other hand, speech effects can change the narration and audio of Instagram reels. Meta-owned Instagram announced these new features through a blog post on the community page on 11th November. The feature is the company's latest effort to provide users with more creative options for exploring while creating reels. The new features will be available for both Android and iOS users.

The "Text to Speech" feature is straightforward and does not require users to undergo a typically lengthy process. The feature can be accessed by using the text tool that appears while uploading and shooting reels. However, when scrolling through reels, some people prefer an automated voice to read the content. This function is for those people.

Here's how to use the "Text to Speech" function to add a false voice to any video you're editing.

How to use the text-to-speech feature:

Step 1:  Opening Instagram's Reels Camera and recording a video is the first step, or you may utilize the Gallery app to do it.

Step 2: The Text tool can be used for adding text to a video.

Step 3: When you open the app, you'll notice a text bubble that you need to press on. Then select "Text to Speech" from the three-dot menu.

Step 4: Both Voice 1 and Voice 2 will be available to users. Click the Post button after you've selected one.

Step 5: Enjoy your video.

Pros of text-to-speech feature:

A variety for creators:

Of all, the happiest being due to this change are creators. Creators always look for unique content to create and entertain their target audience. People also love looking at their favourite influencers or creators performing and enacting different content pieces. This significant change in Instagram will help creators showcase their creativity by adding fun elements to their videos.

Easily accessible:

This feature is beneficial and easy to use. All you have to do is add text to your reel video and select the available voices, then boom! Your text-to-speech is activated. This allows your audience to save some time, as they can listen to the video instead of multi-tasking by reading and listening and helps with eyestrain from too much reading.


As most people prefer listening rather than reading, it will help creators and influencers to create more visibility for their videos. In addition, this enhances user experience, and people will recommend pages if they have a positive experience or learned something new from the videos.

Voice Effects Feature

It's also possible to adjust the audio or narration in Reels using Voice effects. Instagram presently has five different speech effects, such as helium, announcer, gigantic, vocalist, and robot, that can create funny videos. You can now modify your recorded voice to make it sound like you've been sucking on helium, or that you're a robot, or that you're gigantic, among other things, which may be a fun way to spice up your clips. To take advantage of the new function, users should first record a reel and then launch the audio mixer when you tap the Music Note. Users then need to select a Voice Effect from the Effects menu to alter their video or voiceover.

Isn't this amazing and unique? Now you can create brand new creative videos and entertain your target audience. Voice effects are a powerful feature that can be a deal-breaker.

How to use voice effects feature:

Step 1: To open the audio mixer, record a reel and tap the music note.

Step 2: To change the tone of your reel or voiceover, go to the Effects menu and choose a voice effect.

Step 3: Enjoy your video.

Pros of voice effects feature:

Up your reel game:

Instagram provides five-voice effect options in the new voice effects feature. Now it's time to up your reel game. Using this feature, you can create stunning videos and upload them on Instagram. Challenge your co-creators and have some fun cross-over.

The voice effects feature here to enhance your reel video-making skills and add some kick-ass audio mixer to it.

Simple to activate:

The voice effects feature very easy to use. You can access the new feature in just two simple steps mentioned above. Utilize this chance to change the tone of your reels and upgrade your Instagram grid.

High-quality videos:

The best feature of such a powerful tool is it produces high-quality videos to intrigue your target audience. Video effects are the powerhouse of Instagram as all the editing and beautifying will happen there.

This helps in enhancing your video editing skills and creating high-quality professional videos to beautify your grid.


Instagram has added a new 'Text to Speech' option and 'Voice effects' in Reels video, taking inspiration from the famous short video creator app, 'Tik-Tok,' which gives an artificial voice to read any text overlays you add to your footage, as well as additional voice changer choices to adjust your vocal tones.

The reels that hit the market in 2020 are a direct competitor to the viral short video creator app TikTok. Instagram launched the creators' Loyalty Program in July. This is part of parent company Facebook (now Meta) 's plan to pay creators $ 1 billion by 2022, with a bonus of up to $ 35,000 for creators having a significant following to create reels.

All the pros and cons of these two features aside, Alternative voices have been embraced by a community of creators who have grown bored of hearing the same voice narrate texts for the popular feature and have raised their expectations for personalization possibilities.