What Is The Purpose Of Collisions In 3D Games?

Nov 22, 2021
2 min read

Before we get everything rolling, it's best that you understand the actual definition behind collisions.

They are the invisible resources that are added to distinguish the rule regarding an object slamming or colliding into another. Objects come in contact with numerous aspects of a game, such as detecting where the characters are allowed to walk, where a hole should appear when a bullet is shot, or which step sound effect should be played depending upon the impacted object, and so on.

We aren’t going to move deep into that since it was only for reference. However, we will be discussing the various types of Collisions to get a better insight.

Various Sorts of Collisions

Basic Collisions

They are a simple representation of geometry that doesn't have to be detailed since their main role is navigation, just as the sounds of walking when in contact with various ground objects.

Complex Collisions

As the name suggests, they are more complicated because they are fundamentally used for an advanced Basic Collision check. For instance, the spawning of bullet holes.

In easier words, these collisions should be more precise as bullets are smaller than characters or other gigantic objects. So, they should be created in a more perplexing manner to appropriately display the holes and play the sound of the bullets when slammed into an object.

Significant Note:

The reason why geometry can't be precisely copied and only collisions can - is because calculating the impacts on such shapes is hard as it requires immense data on the vertex.

How Would You Identify Collisions in Video Games?

There might be numerous approaches to distinguish collisions in a video game. In any case, a commonly used  strategy is through a hidden shape like the Hitbox, which functions by identifying the ongoing or real-time collisions.

You might come across it in a rectangular (2D Games) or cuboidal structure (3D Games) that is attached to an object or character to ensure its accuracy during movements. Hitboxes are frequently used to identify single-direction collisions, for instance, a bullet hole or a character getting hit (as referenced earlier).

There's additionally the Hurt Box, which is used to separate the damage dealt and the damage received.

For example, you can possibly land a hit if the punch of the attacker connects with the Hurt Box attached to the opponent. In this manner, causing both the Hitboxes to impact and exchange blows.

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Final Thoughts

There was once an era where none of this existed, and by that, I mean, video games with unfathomable designs, graphics, gameplay and visuals.

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