Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence ? Will It Outpace Humans?
Could AI, at any point, become smarter than us or is its existence solely dependant on the cognitive abilities and native intelligence of humans?
Qatar: AI-Powered FIFA World Cup 2022
Qatar, an Arab country, employs artificial intelligence (AI) to carefully monitor spectators at all eight stadiums that will stage the matches from November 20 to December 18, with over 1.5 million expected to attend the FIFA World Cup 2022.
Artificial Intelligence's Ethical Dilemma: A Positive Outlook
Irrespective of these efforts, it might be possible that AI will never make moral decisions. However, developers can use more accurate training data sets in AI systems to provide ethical outputs.
Education Technology Innovations and Their Role in the COVID World
Technology has changed the way students learn. Teachers are not just teaching but also guiding students to learn innovatively using technology. This will help the students to be self-reliant.
Artificial Intelligence: The Future is Now; How AI is All Around Us
Even though most of people associate AI with humanoid robots, Artificial Intelligence is way more widespread from the area of robotics: AI is literally all around us!
The Need for Digitization in an Aging Population
One of the significant worldwide trends of the twenty-first century, along with the rise of technology, is the megatrend of aging, which is defined as long lives to the age of 100 as a matter of course, and more older adults than young in all cultures as they modernize.
Letting You Talk to the Dead: Technology or Ouija Board
Once again, the season when supernatural beings come out to play has arrived. However, you might reconsider using a Ouija board to communicate with the other side.
Technology Under Your Skin: The Microchip Challenges
Technology has evolved a lot in the past few years. We've seen technological revolutions, be it AI turning the world around or virtual reality being able to transfer us to a different world. The metaverse has been a great addition to the fleet.
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare - Making Impactful Strides Towards the Future
Imagine a world where you are lying on a bed in a hospital while a robot performs necessary surgery single-handedly. While the world may not have advanced to this hyper-realistic level of technology, artificial intelligence has made significant strides in healthcare.
The Data-Centric Approach to Artificial Intelligence
AI pioneer, Andrew Ng, co-founder of the popular e-learning platform Coursera and former head of Google Brain, advocated that it's high time we switch our focus from the performance of several data models to the quality of the data being made available to existing systems.
What is GPT-4 and What Does it Mean for Businesses?
For the virtual world and businesses, GPT-4 is coming with the promise of making AI-generated content more accessible and popular.
Intelligent Test Automation: Why Should You Use It?
Intelligent test automation is said as a combination of AI processes, machine learning and other traditional automation practices. The combinational result is one of the smarter ways to test applications and software at higher efficiency with almost no error.
What Does AI Have In The Box For E-commerce?
Automation technology is a versatile and convenient technology that uses collective tools to identify and automate repetitive and mundane tasks with dynamic strategies.
Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat to Journalists and Writers?
The primary task of AI in the news and writing industry is to assist journalists and writers. They are programmed to do repetitive work. But in recent experiments, it has been found that AI can help in a wide range of tasks such as newsgathering.
Cloud Computing in Healthcare Industry
Healthcare providers worldwide have understood the real power of cloud-based healthcare solutions. The necessary applications run in the cloud to make the hospital operations run seamlessly.
Everything You Need to Know About Deep Fake Technology
A deep fake technology can easily manipulate the facial muscles of a person using artificial intelligence. It can replace faces, synthesize faces and synthesize speech.
How Does OpenAI's GPT 3 Work?
The GPT-3 generates texts using a neural network system. It is considered the most accurate compared to its predecessors in the GPT series. As it uses 175 billion parameters, it is capable of learning on its own. It means GPT-3 can do any work without training!
Culture Shift: An Indispensable Idea to Building an AI-Powered Organization
In the last 10 years, organisations have been taking active steps towards becoming largely insight driven. Yet many businesses still find themselves falling short of harnessing the true value of the powerful duo - AI and Data.
Everything You Need to Know About Programmatic Advertising
Programmatic advertising is one of the most growing sectors of the market. According to a report, almost 88% of display Ads in the United States will be forecasted programmatically in 2021.
Artificial Empathy: The Last Step of Humanizing Machines
Still, even though Artificial Intelligence is growing and improving (mainly through the machine learning processes), the gem that is still unattainable to the AI capacities are emotions and emotional intelligence.

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