Neuralink is Elon Musk's neuroscience startup, which has developed a coin-sized computer chip that can be implanted in the human brain to cure neurological conditions.
The open-source programming language Python has been around for a long time, but it still continues to be a dominant force. Its popularity in the digital age is attributed to the fact that you can build many cool things with Python (like basic QA Systems).
AI and robotics offer higher profits and increased efficiency, but at what cost? Automation has replaced many employees in the industry.
Understand how AI is being used in journalism.
COVID-19 has destroyed economies and killed thousands. How can we use AI to prevent another pandemic? And what will our world look like post-covid?
Return of investment is the major concern of all businesses. In most cases, the ROI of Artificial intelligence is unpredictable and is challenging to calculate.
Healthcare now needs smarter investment, where research on how existing human knowledge of medicine can be combined with technology, requires more resources. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be the answer.
With the progress of deep machine learning technologies in the past two years, automated conversational chatbots are leading over rule-based chatbots.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of the world. It has impacted all the spheres of life, and digital marketing is no exception. Digital marketing has replaced a good part of traditional marketing. And now it’s time for AI-based digital marketing to mark the future. But what exactly is
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have practically been adopted in every other industry, and engineering is no exception.