Artificial Intelligence

The real-time prediction needs are increasing for smart and sustainable developments. Industry 4.0 trends having Edge AI technology has autonomous systems and smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
Every year, a large number of new technological devices are discovered. Despite the fact that these devices are extremely beneficial to people, they do have some limits that they cannot transcend.
NLP is the technique of using algorithms to discover and obtain natural linguistic knowledge from unorganized language input so that computers can interpret it.
LiDAR is a next-gen system that’s an advanced replacement to the radar+sonar combination. It grants autonomous vehicles the ability to ‘see’ the roads and the surrounding just like a human would be able to.
Businesses may feel confused about whether they should use chatbots for their website or not. Here we have covered some crucial benefits of adding chatbots to your website.
Conversational AI provides a unique experience to the customers and can enhance a spark of interest in online engagement and shopping.
Bots are being used massively in the industrial arena and more often, in the retail sector as of today. Soon enough, bots will be heavily deployed to tackle consumers and generate a breakthrough in the field of automation.
Digital Operations toolbox enables the advanced technologies to deal with each level of the automation process, including finding, examining, designing, measuring, calculating, and automating the process.
Satellite imaging data obtained due to machine learning is an invaluable resource for addressing several problems. These problems can be as diverse and essential as assessing the effects of global warming, forecasting agriculture yields, etc.
Happify Health and Higi announced their plans to develop an AI-driven patient ecosystem. It will consist of Happify Health's AI and digital therapeutics and Higi's Omni-channel distribution network.