artificial intelligence

AI and robotics offer higher profits and increased efficiency, but at what cost? Automation has replaced many employees in the industry.
Healthcare now needs smarter investment, where research on how existing human knowledge of medicine can be combined with technology, requires more resources. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be the answer.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have practically been adopted in every other industry, and engineering is no exception.
In this day and age, it is crucial to link your company’s business needs and data science, and the best way to marry the two is by helping artificial intelligence fulfill its obligations. Machine learning is the best route to achieve artificial intelligence. Specifically, machine learning is a set
Healthcare professionals are in a difficult position where the data that flows through their systems can mean life or death for the people they serve. Traditional business intelligence tools often fail to make data easily accessible and are unsuccessful at displaying the data in a meaningful way. The old way
While cybersecurity teams are using AI and machine learning for early detection and protecting companies from threats, cybercriminals are using the technology to increase the impact and speed of cyber threats.
The retail sector provides employment [] to 29 million people directly and supports 42 million indirectly. These pandemic times have brought home how browsing the grocery aisles is part of our normal life that has been disrupted. Organized retail touches several aspects of industry. From real
> “I think you can build things, and the world gets better, but with AI, especially, I am really optimistic…. In the next five to ten years, AI is going to deliver so many improvements in the quality of our lives.”-Mark Zuckerberg Facebook is a platform used for connecting people
Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will transform most of the industry sectors like retail, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and media along with some new territories. The major challenge with the use of AI is that most of the staff members are not skilled in its use. It is estimated