Automation technology is a versatile and convenient technology that uses collective tools to identify and automate repetitive and mundane tasks with dynamic strategies.
The penetration of technology has also influenced the stock market industry making it more efficient and helping consumers take leaps and bounds.
Most users turn to Excel for solving a problem as another alternative to waiting for weeks or even months for a proposal to be considered, assessed, and then executed. Instead, it is simple and easy to plan all of it out using Excel.
There is convenience in buying as you have it assembled for you by the pros who know what they are doing compared to the control inherent in building it yourself, which includes the native knowledge of how everything works, as you are the one who oversaw the construction.
COVID-19 changed the digital landscape for companies like no technology has ever. The digital acceleration accomplished in a few mere months what would normally take a couple of years.
The voice-based social media platform like the Clubhouse is well-suited to create the right conditions for making unforeseen connections- either for better or worse.
Humans create and train robots to perform from simple to complex processes. With digital transformation and technology advancements, no technology can be compared with human intelligence.
As enterprises move to the cloud and go digital, cloud migration is essential for an agile and scalable business model—organizations are required to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of their migration strategies.
AI is a key part of our lifetime's coming "new normal." AI is the smart center of digital, robotic, and contactless processes that shield us from potential outbreaks.
Jeff Bezos of Amazon to step down as CEO and transition Executive Chair Role. Andy Jassy to be the next CEO of Amazon.