Though Google is an indispensable part of our lives, right from the simple search to Gmail, or using docs & sheets for day-to-day information handling, many of us are still unaware of tools that have the power to make our lives easy as well as help us in rocketing the business process.
In the last 10 years, organisations have been taking active steps towards becoming largely insight driven. Yet many businesses still find themselves falling short of harnessing the true value of the powerful duo - AI and Data.
Take a closer look at ten major mistakes that companies tend to overlook while designing their web pages/software and some preventive measures to avoid them.
According to the International Conference on Information Management (ICIM) survey, Conversational AI has already significantly impacted e-commerce, healthcare, education, entertainment, and other sectors by improving productivity in these fields.
Agile is highly interactive and allows rapid adjustments throughout the life of a project. It offers reduced risk, repeatable processes, allows for immediate feedback, provides quick turnaround, and drastically reduces complexity.
The advantages of SaaS are numerous. Businesses all over the world are migrating to the cloud, where they can rent resources conveniently and live a worry-free life.
Facebook Frame Studio is one of the most cheapest and effective features brands can use to not only promote their cause/event but also interact with their customers and show them a fun and personal side of the brand.
Programmatic advertising is one of the most growing sectors of the market. According to a report, almost 88% of display Ads in the United States will be forecasted programmatically in 2021.
Facebook is getting ready to release its smart glasses product capable of facial recognition in partnership with Luxottica (Ray-Ban makers) sooner or later in 2021. The product is expected to provide an augmented reality experience and challenge the products by Snapchat and Amazon.
Your marketing efforts should be exceptionally calculated and in line with your business goals and vision. This also means that you can’t afford mistakes. Let's explore some common content marketing mistakes and how you can work your way around it for maximized results.