Omicron was born into a COVID-19-weary world, overflowing with frustration and despair at the pandemic's enormous severe social, emotional, and economic consequences.
COVID-19 changed the digital landscape for companies like no technology has ever. The digital acceleration accomplished in a few mere months what would normally take a couple of years.
Covid-19 contact tracing apps are mobile software applications primarily used for digital contact tracing during the coronavirus pandemic by surveillance and response teams.
Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine data hacked during EMA Cyberattack.
This new strain is sweeping across southern England, causing an alarm in Europe, and was reported in England in late September. EU countries have issued travel bans on the UK to control the spread of the mutation locally.
In this article we take a look at how to spot misinformation and what to do when you find misinformation.
Helping organizations and companies across the globe to prepare your business for remote working effectively.
COVID-19 has destroyed economies and killed thousands. How can we use AI to prevent another pandemic? And what will our world look like post-covid?
The first one is Face to Face B2B selling, and another one is online B2B selling. The first B2B selling option is more striking one as compared to email marketing. Even most of the companies prefer this way to enhance the rate of B2B selling.
The number of global cases has crossed 250,000, with a death-rate of around 4%. Coronavirus is a grave concern; within a span of two months, it has spread around several continents. With the outbreak of coronavirus having entered a new stage, more cases are being diagnosed, and a considerable