Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
Has Progress On Digital Transformation Stalled In Your Organization?
Ideas for leaders to pursue digital transformation without boiling the ocean.
Technology and Stock Market- A Millennial's Take
The penetration of technology has also influenced the stock market industry making it more efficient and helping consumers take leaps and bounds.
Education Technology Innovations and Their Role in the COVID World
Technology has changed the way students learn. Teachers are not just teaching but also guiding students to learn innovatively using technology. This will help the students to be self-reliant.
The Need for Digitization in an Aging Population
One of the significant worldwide trends of the twenty-first century, along with the rise of technology, is the megatrend of aging, which is defined as long lives to the age of 100 as a matter of course, and more older adults than young in all cultures as they modernize.
Is the Digital World Changing Our Sense of Community?
From working as a team to hunt and gather for livelihood to segregated societies prioritizing independent living, we have come a long way. Rapid urbanization without proper planning has led to a scarcity of places for people to socialize.
The Newest Forms of Digital Realities are Transforming Modern Workplaces
Living in the reality of technology is something we must contend with in today's world. Different elements of technology are ingrained in our daily lives in such a way that we barely notice their presence. So, we can only choose to live with or without the progress of technology; we cannot ignore it.
Why Is ELT Better For Cloud Data Warehousing?
The ELT process involves streamlining the tasks of modern data warehousing and managing big data so that businesses can focus on data mining for actionable insights.
Digital Acceleration In The Time Of Coronavirus
COVID-19 changed the digital landscape for companies like no technology has ever. The digital acceleration accomplished in a few mere months what would normally take a couple of years.
Industry-optimized Cloud Deployments - The Next Big Thing
The industry cloud has recently gotten a lot of attention as a solution. Learn about industry cloud and why it is the next big thing.
The Changing Scenarios of Digital Enterprises in 21st Century World
Coming from a synthesis of cognitive science and based on the fundamental premise of simulating the human thought process, cognitive computing as a concept and its applications are sure to have far-reaching implications for our personal lives and industries such as healthcare, insurance, and more. The advantages of cognitive technology much outweigh those of conventional artificial intelligence systems.
Are You Using the Correct Data to Power Your Digital Transformation?
Every department uses sensitive data, from sales and marketing to finance. So it's critical to optimize and safeguard data everywhere it travels and provides teams with simple tools to get the job done.
Protect Your Organization From The Cyber-attacks
The rise in the number of hacking events and data breaches are a concern and often forces one to think about the price we might have to pay for this seamless connectivity with the world?
Amazon Prime Video’s Business Model and Strategies
Amazon is among the largest and, undoubtedly, one of the most successful businesses in the world. In addition, Amazon continues to lead the e-commerce market in America and other parts of the world. Amazon's revenue totalled 136 billion dollars in 2016, and the company now has a market capitalization of 470 billion dollars.
Edge Computing and 5G: The relationship
A symbiotic link between 5G and edge computing technologies can support a new generation of smart devices and apps. 5G's improved capabilities can boost computer applications by lowering latency, enhancing application response times, and expanding data collection and processing capabilities.
Voice-Activated Technology Must Advance to Support Hybrid Workplaces
Voice assistance, touch-less payments, and self-checkout kiosks are the new staple, but how inclusive are these technologies and what lies ahead for voice and speech-activated technologies?
Where is Streaming Data Stored Temporarily? The Role of Storage in Streaming Media
It's important to consider how files will be used when deciding what type of storage will be used for a big data set. In addition to object storage and scale-out network-attached storage (NAS), companies that rely on data in motion should consider high-performance storage options like solid-state drives (SSDs).
Apple TV+ Makes History as First Streaming Service to Win Best Picture at Oscars With 'CODA'
Apple has beaten the competition to become the first streaming service to win the 'Best Picture' award in only its second year of eligibility. CODA also won 'Best Adapted Screenplay' (Troy Kotsur) award.
Into the world of Metaverse, A Deep Dive into the 'Virtual Future'
The Metaverse is a platform of three-dimensional digital environments where users can communicate, do business, and form social contacts through their digital avatars, roughly comparable to how the world wide web currently works.
How Are OTT Platforms Changing The Landscape of The Media & Entertainment Industry?
More than a half-trillion dollars are at stake as a result of the digital revolution. The vast and fast-growing advances of the internet and over-the-top (OTT) video platforms are transforming television and filmed entertainment, mainly traditional TV broadcasts.
Technology is Shaping the Future of Streaming Services
The media and entertainment (M&E) business has always been shaped and altered by technological advancements, and this trend is expected to continue. Over the top, (OTT) platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are taking the lead in providing online streaming services for paid viewers.

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