Emerging Technologies

From more effective medication research and development to patient care and administrative processes, machine learning is already getting started to realize its potential and importance in healthcare.
Studies conducted by the University of Michigan now have led to researchers developing PRIORI, an Android smartphone app that can detect if someone is suffering a bipolar attack.
Disruptive technology acts as a force that is more easily transferred to developing nations, where high-tech products can be combined with low costs.
The metaverse will influence marketing in a number of different ways, some of which you can use currently.
E-passports are becoming available in different countries as of late, not only because it is hassle-free and less time-consuming, but also because of increased security surveillance methods.
According to Allied Industry Research, the worldwide renewable energy market would more than quadruple to approximately $2 trillion by 2030, from $881 billion in 2020.
The produce obtained through vertical farming is safer and healthier as this type of farming uses no pesticides or fungicides; plant fertilizing nutrients are used instead.
Regardless of sector, the new web offers a chance to shift away from old revenue sources to pursue more optimal alternatives.
Install photovoltaic panels on agricultural plots to produce green electricity and ensure the operation's sustainability: this is the promise of the agrivoltaism pros. But beware of "alibi" agriculture, the authorities warn.
The average amount of minerals per cubic meter in lunar regolith is 1.4 tonnes, including roughly 630 kg of oxygen.