Did The Top Healthcare Predictions For 2022 Come True? Let’s Evaluate Them.
In this article, we take a look into the top healthcare predictions for 2022 by Sachin Jain, Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, published on Forbes. I have evaluated these predictions and ranked them.
The Evolution of Cloud-Based Data Storage in Healthcare Industry
An update to digital storage is cloud storage, which increases interoperability and offers more freedom. In this article, we will explore the evolution of cloud-based data storage in the healthcare industry.
How Platform Technology Can Improve the Healthcare Experience?
However, as ideas like "family-centred care" and "patient-centred outcomes"—which, at their core, simply refer to a focus on the patient as an individual—become more widely understood, there will be more opportunities to use digital tools and technologies to better meet more individualised, people's needs.
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare - Making Impactful Strides Towards the Future
Imagine a world where you are lying on a bed in a hospital while a robot performs necessary surgery single-handedly. While the world may not have advanced to this hyper-realistic level of technology, artificial intelligence has made significant strides in healthcare.
How to Improve the Tracking and Reporting of Cybersecurity KPIs in Healthcare?
By tracking and reporting on these KPIs, healthcare organizations can better understand their cybersecurity posture and make necessary improvements.
Cloud Computing in Healthcare Industry
Healthcare providers worldwide have understood the real power of cloud-based healthcare solutions. The necessary applications run in the cloud to make the hospital operations run seamlessly.
How Can Your Smartphone Tell If You Have Bipolar Disorder?
Studies conducted by the University of Michigan now have led to researchers developing PRIORI, an Android smartphone app that can detect if someone is suffering a bipolar attack.
In Conversation with Aditi Gupta, Founder of Menstrupedia
Aditi Gupta is a social entrepreneur working towards educating women about menstruation, menstrual hygiene, and the myths associated with it. She named her unique initiative, Menstrupedia. Menstrupedia Comic is a complete guide on periods.
Predictive Care Enabled by AI: An Overview
Mastering the element of predictive care will be a vital component in improving the quality of care for patients as artificial intelligence (AI) technology becomes more ubiquitous in the medical field.
New X-Ray Technique Could Help Detect Explosives, Tumors
Since Wilhelm Konrad Rontgen discovered the x-ray, many technological developments have occurred. Here are some of the studies done in enhancing x-ray imaging techniques.
Top 3 Industries Harnessing the Potential of IoT for Digital Transformation
The World Economic Forum predicts the value of digital transformation is expected to be more than $100 trillion by 2025 for industry and society. But why are companies so eager to achieve digital transformation, and how can IoT be instrumental in realizing this? Read on to learn the answers.
How Chatbots Disruption Benefits Healthcare Industry?
A chatbot uses machine learning algorithms with an NLP (natural language processing) layer built-in to communicate like humans with users via text or audio. Healthcare providers, doctors, and medical assistants are now leveraging these artificial intelligence solutions to streamline patient care and reduce unnecessary expenses. There have been various cases where a digital personal assistant or a chatbot has helped patients with their queries. The patient may not even be aware that the human-like medical representative is actually an intelligent conversational machine in many cases.
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT): Game-Changing Technology for Healthcare Industry
The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is an integrated infrastructure of the healthcare systems and services to medical devices and software applications that transmit real-time data through a network of technologies. The IoMT is a subcategory of the Internet of Things (IoT).
Top 5 Defense In Depth Strategies to Combat Healthcare Cyberattacks
When cybercriminals attack a facility's data and operation systems, software failures can disrupt care. Due to multiple major and minor cyber breaches each year, the healthcare industry has moved one foot toward advanced cybersecurity practices.
Automation in Healthcare Industry Using RPA
RPA can be used in medical image processing, medical research, and diagnostics to understand body patterns, predict diseases, and improve treatment effectiveness. Learn more about the importance of RPA and automation in healthcare industry.
All About Layered Security in Healthcare
The most common tools of a multi-layered security system, in order of contact with threats, are- firewall, patch management, multi-factor authentication, and end-point protection.
Direct-To-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising (DTCPA) In The US
Direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising (DTCPA) refers to marketing and advertising pharmaceutical products directly to the consumers as patients, opposed to specifically targeting healthcare professionals. DTCPA refers to advertising prescription medicines via mass media communication platforms such as television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and online platforms.
The Healthcare Industry Endorses Predictive Analysis Now!
Predictive analytics tries to warn physicians and caregivers about the likelihood of events and consequences before they happen, allowing them to prevent rather than treat health problems.
How Does AI Help in Detecting the Side Effects of Common Drugs?
In recent research, scientists have been able to understand drugs and their after-effects more deeply by implying the science of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML).
Actionable Tech Tips To Modernize Your Medical Practice
Adopting technology is often scary for healthcare organizations due to a lack of awareness and funding constraints. It is crucial to overcome these apprehensions and join the tech bandwagon to stay competitive and relevant.

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