COVID-19 has indeed changed the way enterprises do their businesses. Read to understand how incorporating telemedicine to existing healthcare system can help combat COVID-19.
The healthcare industry is keen to adopt digitalization in all ways possible, believing that it will be able to provide improved care for all. Healthcare technologies would be able to reach the remotest corners of the earth, and help the patients.
Technology has made it possible to understand the advancement in medical sciences, making it easier to the psychology of the patients as well as helping to deliver them with required medical support.
Healthcare providers worldwide have understood the real power of cloud-based healthcare solutions. The necessary applications run in the cloud to make the hospital operations run seamlessly.
Healthcare now needs smarter investment, where research on how existing human knowledge of medicine can be combined with technology, requires more resources. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be the answer.
Healthcare professionals are in a difficult position where the data that flows through their systems can mean life or death for the people they serve. Traditional business intelligence tools often fail to make data easily accessible and are unsuccessful at displaying the data in a meaningful way. The old way