AIoT is a new generation process of converging the source of intelligence received from artificial intelligence and making inter-device connections with the help of the internet of things.
Businesses can purchase IoT technology and assistance off the shelf and attach it to a Wi-Fi router, but expanding IoT in an enterprise environment can introduce many other difficulties.
The main concern with IoMT devices is that a huge amount of personal data is being generated daily. With such intimate data being recorded and saved in cloud servers, device security is expected to be top-notch.
IoT and Edge, are two modern technologies that are bringing changes in business industries, especially manufacturing.
IoT is an emerging technology, there are still several challenges in building IoT solutions for several applications. Read on about the major data privacy challenges associated with IoT solutions.
It is important to make sure that the networks run while keeping everything safe and secure. This can be accomplished with enforceable security policies that focus on vulnerabilities, configuration assessments, malware defences, etc.
Read this to discover the flaws in Supply Chain Management and how IoT can help in improving the process and add more resilience to it.
By 2025, it is expected that more than 80 cities around the world will be smart. Smart cities are more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Learn how we can use IoT technology to protect smart cities.
Blockchain should be able to provide a verifiable and secure recording method for IoT devices and operations. Read to find out how IoT devices could use Blockchain to add extra layer of security
Dark Factories could be the future of manufacturing industries. The effective usages of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, and IoT while establishing dark factories would help companies increase production. Read all about it here.