Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Facial Recognition Technology: How Does it Work and Where is it Being Deployed?
In the years to come, facial recognition technology will find deployment across a lot more verticals such as F&B, consumer electronics, event management, and the like, paving the path for commendable growth and success.
Artificial Intelligence ? Will It Outpace Humans?
Could AI, at any point, become smarter than us or is its existence solely dependant on the cognitive abilities and native intelligence of humans?
Artificial Intelligence's Ethical Dilemma: A Positive Outlook
Irrespective of these efforts, it might be possible that AI will never make moral decisions. However, developers can use more accurate training data sets in AI systems to provide ethical outputs.
Artificial Intelligence: The Future is Now; How AI is All Around Us
Even though most of people associate AI with humanoid robots, Artificial Intelligence is way more widespread from the area of robotics: AI is literally all around us!
Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat to Journalists and Writers?
The primary task of AI in the news and writing industry is to assist journalists and writers. They are programmed to do repetitive work. But in recent experiments, it has been found that AI can help in a wide range of tasks such as newsgathering.
Everything You Need to Know About Deep Fake Technology
A deep fake technology can easily manipulate the facial muscles of a person using artificial intelligence. It can replace faces, synthesize faces and synthesize speech.
How Does OpenAI's GPT 3 Work?
The GPT-3 generates texts using a neural network system. It is considered the most accurate compared to its predecessors in the GPT series. As it uses 175 billion parameters, it is capable of learning on its own. It means GPT-3 can do any work without training!
Beginner's Guide to Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT is the focal point of the Digital Transformation Revolution, changing the way businesses work and even our lives. Its future is boundless. Now, more organizations and industries are reaping the benefits of IoT.
Machine Learning 101 Continued IV- Insurance Data set - Final Post
In this post, we will revisit the scores of the models after including the string data, which will help us in determining the values in these strings that the algorithms would enjoy.
Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) – What is it, Importance and Uses
If you are looking for ways to improve your machine learning workflow, then MLOps is worth considering.
How to Implement Bias Removal in Machine Learning?
Machine learning bias is a phenomenon that happens when an algorithm provides results that are systematically biased because of incorrect assumptions made throughout the ML process.
The Spatiotemporal Metaverse: Its Applications and Challenges
The metaverse, powered by immersive mixed reality, challenges the idea that any technology can have a more significant effect than networked computers, the internet, or even mobile computing only a few years ago.
Artificial Intelligence, Making its way in the Aviation Industry
AI is not only advancing aviation safety, but it is also assisting airlines to enhance their customer service, lessen the enormous problem of delays, enhance the environment of the air space, and enhance passenger security.
Debunking The Biggest Machine Learning Myths
Machine learning (ML) will either be a blessing or a bane for the business. But to understand it completely we need to debunk some of the biggest myths surrounding it. For that, let us dive into this article.
Differences Between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) That You Need To Know Now!!
Machine Learning is a faster-growing area of study, especially some of its interesting subtypes like reinforcement learning giving better results than ever whereas Artificial Intelligence on the parallel encompasses a lot as a subject and has a vast scope.
The Kingmaker at NETFLIX: Data-Driven Predictive Modeling
Find out the real reason why you just can?t stop binge-watching Netflix and How it converts data into billions in revenue every year (Your Data!).
Top Five AI-ML Books For Business Leaders
According to a recent new forecast by Gartner, Inc., the worldwide hyper-automation would enable the software market up to $596.6 billion by 2022. The prediction is enough to say that technologies become a dire need for the highly competitive market. Among emerging technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learnings (ML) are positioned at the top to bring automation to businesses. Business leaders are seeking to implement AI & ML to transform their traditional business processes. They are looking for resources to understand how it works. Here is a list of books that would help understand how AI and ML could be game-changers for their business.
How Bot as a Service (BaaS) Will Impact the Future of Customer Management
Bots are being used massively in the industrial arena and more often, in the retail sector as of today. Soon enough, bots will be heavily deployed to tackle consumers and generate a breakthrough in the field of automation.
Quantum Computing and the Rise of Machine Learning
Quantum computing has developed in recent years as a novel computing model that has the potential to take traditional computers to a whole new level. All technology-related media outlets have been publicizing all minor and potential advancements in this sector. Even though this is an exciting period for the field, the field itself remains a mystery.
Machine Learning: How Effective Is It in Cryptocurrency Trading?
Cryptocurrency is a rapidly evolving concept that many people are aware of, but few understand. The fascination with cryptocurrency technology grows day by day, and machine learning research has never been more rapid. The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain is becoming increasingly intriguing, as the prices of Ethereum and Bitcoin have reached all-time highs in 2021.

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