Machine Learning

Cyber threats are putting our systems more into jeopardy with unexpected attacks by targeting devices, browsers, and sensitive content; cybersecurity has proved itself as a stroke of luck in the world of technologies.
A deep fake technology can easily manipulate the facial muscles of a person using artificial intelligence. It can replace faces, synthesize faces and synthesize speech.
Irrespective of these efforts, it might be possible that AI will never make moral decisions. However, developers can use more accurate training data sets in AI systems to provide ethical outputs.
Even though most of people associate AI with humanoid robots, Artificial Intelligence is way more widespread from the area of robotics: AI is literally all around us!
The future of our race with cutting-edge AI technology is uncertain, but if appropriately implemented, these cogent systems will bring the dawn of progress for us.
The primary task of AI in the news and writing industry is to assist journalists and writers. They are programmed to do repetitive work. But in recent experiments, it has been found that AI can help in a wide range of tasks such as newsgathering.
Imagine the consequences of AI absenteeism when the pandemic hit humans. From filters for face beautification to online meetings, the AI tech-tricks did facilitate all.
Could AI, at any point, become smarter than us or is its existence solely dependant on the cognitive abilities and native intelligence of humans?
There are instances where people have felt violated by the increased use of facial recognition technology. People had tried to take legal action when they were displeased with how the facial recognition technology was being used.
Chatbots will ultimately become every organizations’ first responders and first-line-of-interactions.