A Comprehensive Guide To Metaverse Applications Development
The Metaverse, with a trillion-dollar potential, is a fantastic business platform that you might want to take advantage of.
How will 5G Transform the Metaverse Experience for Marketers?
Most media and marketers believe they will change how entertainment, fun, and news are generated, delivered, and consumed in Metaverse.
A Brief Introduction to Metaverse as a Service (MaaS)
The Metaverse era has significantly changed our lives in the past couple of years. It isn't easy to think of another technology innovation that has created such a stir since the dot-com era.
The Relationship Between NFTs and Metaverse
NFTs and metaverses already have strong connections, especially in blockchain gaming and other interoperable games, where they act as value carriers for large digital social media.
The Actual Difference Between Web 3.0 and Metaverse
Web 3.0 is considered the internet of the future, and the Metaverse is how the internet might seamlessly integrate into our daily lives.
How Metaverse is Changing The Marketing Landscape?
Metaverse may be a benefit to any company's digital marketing, as more than half of advertising revenue has been spent online in recent years.
In Conversation with Sidarttha Bezbora, Co-Founder & CEO at
Sidarttha Bezbora is a technology-savvy, enterprising, award-winning growth digital product & business leader (CSPO) with 20+ years' wealth of experience in building & delivering innovative design/UX-led D2C & B2B digital products & growth partnerships across mobile entertainment, mobile gaming, esports, fintech, blockchain, NFTs, digital banking, digital payments, e-commerce marketplaces, and conversational AI/NLP/ML. He is a self-starter & growth hacker who has successfully built & scaled products to 100+ million users for organizations to facilitate strategic growth and innovations.
The Spatiotemporal Metaverse: Its Applications and Challenges
The metaverse, powered by immersive mixed reality, challenges the idea that any technology can have a more significant effect than networked computers, the internet, or even mobile computing only a few years ago.
Addressing Digital Safety in The World of The Metaverse
The metaverse has the potential to alter our experience of reality, but it is not without hazards. It has not taken long for disturbing stories of metaverse safety infractions to proliferate. Despite the fact that it is still in its early phases, early testers have been intimidated, sexually attacked, and exposed to racist rants. Indeed, if immersive games have taught us anything, it is that users of these worlds are always in danger.
Metaverse Without Blockchain - Reality or Fiction?
In this blog, we will explore the interrelation of Metaverse and blockchain and whether the former can exist without the latter.
GameFi: A New Way For Investors To Earn While Having Fun
The younger generation is a proponent of decentralization and favours choosing projects based on their prospective applications rather than their potential for financial gain. This is the driving force behind the attraction of the majority of genZ investors to the GameFi economy.
Top 10 Fashion Brands and Their Presence in the Metaverse
Metaverse is an unexplored place, but everyone is curious about it. This curiosity is driving the developers and companies to explore and push into what is possible. The metaverse is a work in progress; thus, developing and integrating things along the way is easier.
Metaverse Stocks: How to Invest in Metaverse
Metaverse is one of the most recent technological developments to rock the cryptocurrency industry. Some investors might have heard of it but have no idea what it is, while others might fully understand it but simply have no idea how to actually engage.
Metaverse: The Ace Card For Tech Giants Google, Apple, And Microsoft
Meta (META.O), Microsoft (MSFT.O), Google, Apple, and other tech giants have started racing to build the emerging metaverse concept. In late 2022, these tech giants will have nascent digital worlds that can compete with each other, and for this, they have formed a group to foster the development of industry standards.
Business and Customer Relationships in Metaverse: The Offerings and Beyond
The technological world is changing rapidly; every second, we're witnessing new technologies or inventions coming up. Nobody in the world is able to forecast what will happen next accurately. One such extraordinary step, or what we should call a move, was the introduction of the metaverse.
How Can Metaverse Transform The Working Environment?
Envision a future where you never have to leave your house to go to work, where you can have a conversation with your coworkers on the beach, take notes in a meeting while floating through space, or teleport from your London office to your New York office.
Metaverse: The Introduction to A Modern Cyberspace
Every major technological corporation, from Apple and Facebook to Amazon and Google, is currently attempting to take a piece of the metaverse and build their products and services on it.
The Evolution of the Gaming Environment in the Web 3.0 Era
Gaming is now one of the most prominent and fast expanding businesses globally. Technology improvements have made games more accessible and engrossing than ever before, enticing individuals from all walks of life.
Into the world of Metaverse, A Deep Dive into the 'Virtual Future'
The Metaverse is a platform of three-dimensional digital environments where users can communicate, do business, and form social contacts through their digital avatars, roughly comparable to how the world wide web currently works.
All You Need to Know About Entering the Metaverse Real Estate
In addition to new digital-native assets, spaces, and experiences, it will emphasize collective ownership, community support, and a decentralized economy.

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