The Secret Behind Netflix's Use of AI For Better Show Recommendations
Netflix uses a highly sophisticated recommendation engine. Together, Netflix and AI help produce customized movie or web show recommendations.
Aug 4, 2022
"How Netflix Uses Artificial Intelligence for better recommendations"
Netflix become the finest platform for users to watch movies or visual content. Just because of using AI, Data Science, and Machine language. Now it is easy to find any movie according to your desire, also its recommendations always prove themself as a good choice, Because of these tools it becomes easy to get entertain ourselves smoothly and without going anywhere or with doing any hard effort. In this manner, Netflix is playing a thankful role for us to maintain the fun, entertainment, and smile on our faces.
Jul 29, 2022
How Netflix's OTT Architecture Functions?
With so many OTT platforms in the market today, Netflix has managed to capture a majority of the audience on a global scale. Netflix has become the go-to source of so much entertainment for consumers in less than 20 years. This streaming of exclusive and original content without any ads makes Netflix arguably the world's most loved source for entertainment. It can even be said that Netflix revolutionized the world of entertainment.
Jul 4, 2022
The Kingmaker at NETFLIX: Data-Driven Predictive Modeling
Find out the real reason why you just can?t stop binge-watching Netflix and How it converts data into billions in revenue every year (Your Data!).
Jul 7, 2021

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