The Outstanding Projects of NFT
Jan 22, 2022
The Outstanding Projects of NFT
Hamid Akhtar
Hamid Akhtar

Based on thorough and well-guided research, we've compiled a list of some NFT projects you should keep an eye on.

The crypto and digital worlds are a whirlwind of activity, with several NFTs for sale. On platforms like OpenSea, Foundation, Rarible, and AirNFTs; NFT assets are already for sale in the millions.

If you are involved in the right project, you can gain financial returns from an asset you are passionate about.

Axie Infinity

In Axie Infinity, players breed, battle, raise, and trade digitized creatures known as Axies. The Ethereum-based project requires that new players purchase at least three Axies before they are allowed to play. The player earns tokens every fourteen days that can be cashed out. Virtual land and other assets accumulated in the game can be swapped for NFTs.


Sandbox is an NFT game in which players take on the role of a deity and make their own universe using the game's elements. This game's blockchain version now allows players to monetize their creations (called Voxel Assets) and gaming activities (called NFTs). It is a very reliable NFT project, as it has received over $100 million in investment so far.


Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC) and Doodles created a collection of artwork called Sodativity. This ever-expanding community is built on the creation of 9,999 artworks and a floor price of 0.1 ETH, with the goal of increasing ownership of their NFT assets while giving back to the community.


CryptoPunks is a non-fungible token (NFT) collection based on the Ethereum blockchain. Because there are 10,000 different punks created by computer algorithms, no two punks are alike. The scarcity of these characters makes them a statement of status in the NFT community, and we predict CryptoPunk values to stay high.


Feudalz is a community of 4,444 computer-generated art pieces that function on the Ethereum blockchain, similar to CryptoPunks. Feudalz seeks to provide peace and prosperity to all of its owners (known as Peasants) and has promised that virtual lands inside the metaverse will be added to the project shortly.


Burnt Toast produced Doodles, an NFT collection of 10,000 distinct characters on unique coloured backgrounds. It is a community-driven initiative like most other NFT collections. This community invites holders to vote for activations and experiences that are funded by the Doodles Community Treasury in addition to minting and scaling value with Doodles assets.

Chain Runners

There are 10,000 Chain Runners in the collection, and its decentralised, open-source codebase has helped it gain a lot of attention. Purchasing one makes you feel like you're part of a special society, and with costs rising at an alarming rate, it's a terrific project to invest in.


With a floor price of 0.0888Eth, CollectVox's collection contains 8,888 uncommon and different characters dubbed ERC721. Each character has a distinct identity, including a distinct visual appearance, occupation, and personality. You get a file when you buy a VOX that allows you to animate and experiment with it in the metaverse. This appears to be a nice initiative to get involved with.

Dormant Dragons

Dormant dragons is a collection of 5000 community-centred artworks. The creators hope to build true community by providing Dormant Dragons holders with a token called Smoke that may be claimed at any time without having to pay hefty gas fees. These tokens will be used for community engagement, video games, and potential babies among other things. They conduct regular prizes on their Discord channel to reward users that are engaged in the community.


In addition to early access to NFT partner projects, JRNY NFT Club members enjoy private community chats, exclusive NFT videos and more. About 2.346ETH is the floor price for a collection of 10,000 collectibles. This project is lined up with many long-term benefits for holders, which they plan to reveal in their roadmaps.

Gas Squad

Gas Squad is a group of 1111 troops created from scratch with various unique features. As each soldier has been in several gas wars, he has his unique tale and character. Your goal is to evacuate soldiers, form a squad, and deploy your warriors to the BSC network's safe zone. By holding two or more soldiers, you automatically qualify for regular giveaways of NFT-art.

Launchpad Air Squad

On the AirNFTs marketplace, Launchpad Air Squad is a unique NFT project. It comes in a limited edition of 14,000 NFTs with distinctive AirNFTs branding those were only available minted to those who attended the first-ever NFT Launchpad.

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