Top 10 B2B Marketing Trends That You Cannot Miss

Jul 20, 2021
6 min read

The key marketing strategy in business nowadays is to identify the emerging marketing trends that affect the customer buying pattern. While some marketing strategies tend to remain constantly rewarding in terms of sales, new ones always pop up with every passing year.

Understanding the B2B sectors in terms of marketing strategy can keep you ahead in the competition. It can fetch you more sales and conversions.

That is why we have taken a close look at the emerging trends of this year and as a result, come up with a few prominent ones.

The Top 12 B2B Marketing Trends in 2021 have been highlighted below.


Artificial Intelligence or AI enables businesses to reveal the value of their data, scale up content for a more diverse outreach plan, and give a more comprehensive view of customers and how to serve them.

Artificial intelligence can be used in the corporate world to gain a competitive advantage and enhance efficiency. Automated interactions with customers, partners, and employees are becoming more common and can be hailed as one of the top B2B marketing trends in 2021.

Data analysis is a very prominent role AI will help in facilitating B2B marketing. Moreover, by automating operations, you may multiply your productivity immensely.

Chatbots are an essential component of websites, apps, and any other business structure in today’s world. More customers are expecting and receiving faster responses, better services, and a 24-hour agent to meet their needs.


As the world is still stuck in a pandemonium of the COVID-19 virus, businesses are experiencing an upsurge in customers buying their products through social media.

Social commerce involves directly using social media platforms to sell products and services to consumers. However, it is not the same as e-commerce, contrary to the popular notion. There is a slight difference between the two.

E-commerce refers to a website or dedicated brand application shopping experience. By definition, social commerce enables customers to buy their products through their experience on social media.

Today's prominent players in social commerce are Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest.


No one wants to read the same information repeatedly in a recycled manner and that is why customers always respond best to “original content”.

This may appear to be overstated, but it remains true to this day. Be it graphics, writing blog content, preparing ad copies, etc., your original creation will always work best with your target audience. Remember, they are waiting for a fresh experience, something unique that you have to offer along with your product.

You will get the highest ROIs (return on investments) when you use original content rather than some copy-pasted or slightly alternated versions.

Here are some tricks to help you do that:

  • Brainstorm content ideas.
  • Mix short-form and long-form content.
  • Add quirky graphics or high-quality images to support your content.
  • Add keywords research strategies while publishing content.
  • Sell it to your prospective customers, B2B leads, etc.
  • Invest in paid promotional strategies.


No matter what type of business you are in, video marketing will always reward you beyond expectations. Think about it - more than 70% of B2B buyers watch product videos alone as part of their market research. Videos are used by 86% of businesses as a marketing tool.

Video marketing incorporates an important aspect of the B2B buyer’s journey mainly because of its visual appeal.

More than 93% of marketers believe that video is an essential element in their B2B as well as B2C marketing strategies. Especially after the pandemic has struck, market research shows that the consumption of video content has skyrocketed.

Here are some video ideas for your B2B marketing strategy:

  • Informative videos/product demo videos
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Event teasers, event recap videos
  • Company news
  • Behind-the-scenes video

Videos will enable you to show off your products or your teamwork, educate your clients in an interesting and effective manner.


The importance of paid ads in B2B marketing is monumental, and it is only increasing day by day. Especially in 2021, digital marketing and investing in paid ads is one of the top B2B marketing trends.

Social media platforms are an excellent lead generation tool, solely because more than 50% of B2B marketers using them for research. Investing in paid ads is a foolproof way to acquire those highly valued B2B leads.

Don’t just post ads on social media, create high-quality content and promote them. Nearly 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn which is why it is a key tool for marketing strategies for your business. The same is for Facebook, which is used by 91% of B2B marketers worldwide for business purposes.


Do you remember those days when emails were regarded as long and dull pieces of text that were immediately discarded from your inbox? They seem ancient today. For B2B marketers, emails offer an engaging, consistent, and reliable medium of distribution. Even 60% of B2B marketers believe in its effectiveness, believing it to be a viable revenue-generating platform.

Email marketing is, without a doubt, one of the top B2B marketing trends in 2021. A successful way to hone your email marketing strategy is described below.

  • Craft attractive subject lines.
  • Include a clear and concise call-to-action(CTA) per email, not more than one in quantity.
  • Make sure your email marketing list consists of only potential customers who fit in your target audience description.
  • Cold emails can increase your B2B marketing game by almost 16 times, according to research.
  • Personalize your emails. Wish your clients on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc.


New B2B customers are interestingly and effectively good, but what also need in order to grow your business in terms of a good reputation is a long-term customer retention strategy. Building rapport with existing customers is the golden rule of retention marketing.

Existing B2B customers should always be specially treated in terms of marketing. That is because selling a product to a current customer is always easier, faster, and less exhausting than selling to a stranger.

How can you do that?

  • Establish clear and open lines of communication.
  • Provide customer care & support and answer their queries in simple, actionable terms.
  • Gather feedback, take surveys to see where you need to improve.
  • Appreciate them frequently for showing customer loyalty.
  • Give special offers, coupons & discounts, etc.

According to a Harvard study, a 5% in customer retention can increase your profits by 95%. This type of marketing is especially effective when you are on a tight budget.


With the increase in technological advancements, the rise of Augmented reality or AR has benefitted the B2B marketing realm to a unique extent. It enables businesses to provide customers with one-of-a-kind experiences through the use of their mobile devices or tablets.

As augmented shopping experiences are becoming increasingly popular, brands are engaging AR to let consumers have a ‘taste’ of things before they buy them.

B2B organizations are now using augmented reality to improve their sales presentations, product demos, and brand introductions. Without the need for an app, the technology is now available to organizations of all sizes. It's incredibly effective, cool and is one of the top B2B marketing trends that you cannot miss.


Influencer marketing is the fastest-growing method of acquiring new customers as part of your B2B marketing strategy.

Someone who has 1,000 to 100,000 followers on social media can be termed as a ‘micro-influencer’. In the B2B buying cycle, an influencer is someone who clients trust, someone who knows a particular niche and can positively influencer buyer decisions.

According to one study, B2B companies can manage an 11x yearly ROI through micro-influencer marketing compared to traditional techniques. Social media experts say that 94 % of B2B marketers who have attempted influencer marketing believe it is extremely beneficial.


Siri or Alexa or Cortana, even, are being used daily in our lives for answering queries or performing simple actions like telling the weather forecast, taking down notes, calling or texting someone, or simply chatting.

Another great thing is when we are searching for something we don’t always have to manually type in the words. Instead, we can just use our voice to talk to these artificial assistants and they’ll provide the desired search results.

Optimizing the website for voice searches is something a lot of B2B marketers are doing nowadays, and lately has been one of the top B2B marketing trends.

Voice search is in high demand among today's audience, with over one billion queries conducted by voice internationally, according to a study. Furthermore, this figure is predicted to reach 5 billion by the end of 2021 and 6.4 billion by 2022.


Companies grow and evolve in their marketing strategies each year. Technology is developing with each passing day and for some, it may seem daunting. However, if you learn some simple tips and tricks, you can turn the game in your favour any day. The main aim is to know your competition and stay on top of the latest B2B marketing trends. Some of the afore-mentioned B2B marketing trends will come in handy.

Lastly, make sure your company has the right marketing tools to keep the customers in the spotlight. Only then, they will return the favour.