Top Virtual and Augmented Reality Companies You Should Not Miss On

Sep 16, 2021
3 min read

With innovation in technology, Virtual and Augmented Reality surged rapidly, helping companies to reach their potential customers with creativity and growing the business in no time. According to Linchpin team reports, the AR and VR market has sold 8.9 million units by the end of 2018 and is expected to grow to 65.9 million by the end of 2022.

Applications of AR and VR

Gaming and Entertainment
AR and VR have always topped the list when it comes to their usage in gaming and for entertainment. Many game zones have invested billions in creating VR arcades that are loved by the people and have eventually led to an increase in the revenue of the business. Such technology is an ideal choice for people who love fitness and sports. With the help of VR designed for the body, they can experience the game or their fitness games to achieve their fitness goals while AR helps the user with learning and information.

With on-spot trial demands of items, many e-commerce platforms have introduced AR technology to meet their customers’ expectations. Industries like Beauty and Makeup have introduced lipstick colours in AR technology so that women can just try the colour on their camera with AR technology at home and order it at their fingertips. Ikea in 2017 also launched Place App so its consumers can figure out which furniture goes with their house interior.

Real Estate
AR can leverage the real estate experience of people in their comfort. They can have a look at an apartment in their comfort zone from anywhere with the help of 3D visualizations or 2D blueprints.

Health and Related Care
VR has proven to be a boon to health and related care. Hospitals have introduced VR technology that has helped in treating, diagnosing and predicting symptoms of certain disorders. Using VR in surgeries has minimized the faults and avoid unseen complications in patients.

Here is a list of companies you must not miss  that have absolutely won the heart of the consumers with their creativity and marketing strategies:

Apple has always walked hand in hand with innovation in technology and assured that their customers experience the best. Apple in 2017 launched its ARKit at Worldwide Developers’ Conference. The tech giant is also known to have bought a startup specializing in AR software- Meatoi in 2015.
It is anticipated that Apple is working on inventing wireless specs elevating the AR experience for their customers with very limited information revealed.

Popularly known for its worldwide viral game- Pokémon Go in 2016 changed the face of the gaming industry with ever made successful AR game. Niantic places itself as the world’s planet-scale AR platform because of its functions in sharing AR communication, managing, security and mapping.
In 2017, Niantic announced its partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to launch Harry Potter: Wizard Unite (launched in 2019) and is rated 3.6/5 on Google Play and 4.6/5 on Apple App Store.

Surgical Theatre
Surgical Theatre is invented for neurological pre-op-planning and rehearsals before surgery so patients do not have to undergo the surgery for a second time or face any inconvenience during the surgery. Invented in Los Angeles, the VR-based platform scans 2D images of the brain and then creates a 3D model that is used to guide patients on their surgery details and also allows surgeons to plan the surgery.

Launched in the COVID pandemic, Supernatural is designed for fitness enthusiasts who want to achieve their fitness goals. It is a workout app that can be accessed with a subscription of $180 per year. An individual can have complete access to library workout videos and get one-on-one fitness coaching. The major benefit of having this workout app is that you can perform the exercises indoors without having to go to gyms and outdoor spaces.

Valve is popularly known for making VR headsets and VR games. Valve launched its biggest mixed reality in 2020- Half-Life: Alyx, a first-person shooter genre. With the best new controller, Valve has received an overwhelming response to their new launch with amazing customer feedback.

Future of AR and VR Post Pandemic

Technology has played a major role in connecting individuals to their loved and dear ones across the globe. The AR and VR industry has surged rapidly in the lockdown with people using it for their entertainment and business. Many businesses and startups have invested in their time building VR and AR to be in the race of technology with creativity and revenue growth.  AR and VR have helped employees to work remotely and in collaboration with the team successfully. Many tech giants have already launched their best products and many startups have already started preparing themselves for the technology change.

Invented in the early 90, the usage of AR and VR is not explored completely, however, it played an important role in all industries from gaming to healthcare and added a fascinating chapter in the history of technology.