Ways to Prevent Automotive Hacking in 2022
Aug 9, 2022
Ways to Prevent Automotive Hacking in 2022

You must have watched science fiction films where the protagonist's automobile is taken and controlled by mysterious agents, and the idea sounded unbelievable. However, in the current world, that is definitely a possibility. The first instance of automobile hacking was discovered in 2005 and has continued ever since.

Automotive-related cyber incidents increased by two times in 2019 (a 605 percent increase from 2016). These comprise data breaches, carjackings, and even taking over moving automobiles.

In this article, we are going to learn ways to protect your vehicle against Automotive Hacking.

What is Automotive Hacking?

Today, cars have not only hardware components but also software components like Electronic Control Unit(ECU), Controller Area Network(CAN), Bluetooth connection, and many more technologies to connect to the central server through the internet. 

The term "automotive hacking," often known as "car hacking," describes all of the ways that hackers may use the software, hardware, and communication systems of cars to their advantage.

What Are The Types of Automotive Hacking?

The type of hacking mostly depends on the vehicle, but here are the possible types of automotive hacking:

Key Fob Hacks:

Today, the electronic key fob is the most popular method for hackers to enter automobiles, frequently with the intention of stealing the vehicle (or what is inside of it). The basic method for accomplishing this is to spoof or copy the signal that a car and a key use to communicate with one another.

A few different sorts of studies carried out in Beijing discovered that it was possible for hackers to increase the effective range of a key fob (persuade a car that they were close by) using just $22 worth of readily available equipment. They were successful in doing so without the driver being aware of it.

Server Hacks:

Server intrusions may be disastrous in a number of ways since they offer hackers access to all kinds of information, including sales data, mobile applications, and even the controls of every linked car.

Although there hasn't yet been a significant attack on car controls, researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek demonstrated the viability of this danger in a Wired Magazine article from 2015 by stopping a Jeep that was driving at 70 mph while sitting on their sofa.

Mobile App Hacks:

Since 2008, when Apple initially introduced its App Store, the market for mobile apps has skyrocketed. Soon after, the car industry joined in.

Although users have enjoyed automotive mobile applications, the rise in their use has also provided hackers with new means to enter vehicles. And the outcomes can be disastrous when hackers get access to the data and power offered by automobile applications.

How to Prevent Automotive Attacks?

Manufacturers have been hiding their R&D, but as a result of this problem, industry participants are pooling their resources and working together to establish stronger cybersecurity procedures. In order to assist manufacturers and suppliers to be better prepared for cybersecurity challenges, they have formed the Auto Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC) and provided recommendations.

The procedures recommended by Auto-ISAC comprise:

  • Assessment and control of risks.

  • Designing in security.

  • Threat identification and defense.

  • Response to incidents and recovery.

  • education and knowledge.

  • Working together and interacting with the proper third parties.

These procedures offer a solid structure that will enable the manufacturers to exchange information, assess any risks, and quickly come up with remedies.

Here are some steps that manufacturers may take to safeguard their automobiles, depending on the most popular auto hacking techniques mentioned above.

Detection of Threats

Hackers today have a wide range of techniques for breaking into your automobile and concealing their attacks from view. Therefore, it's essential that you can spot unusual behaviour at every weak spot before it results in a breach.

Numerous pieces of software are available that can notify you of any potentially harmful behaviour occurring on your machine that could otherwise go unnoticed. Additionally, it instantly prevents any illegal access that could lead to a data breach.

Secure Logins

Many modern vehicles are fitted with a variety of remote control options (remote start, for instance). As automakers continue to build more linked vehicles, this list will most certainly grow. But if one of these remote access points is weak, the others all become dangerously vulnerable. Therefore, it's crucial to protect each one.

This involves enhancing radio frequency encryption for key fobs. However, maybe even more crucially, it entails protecting logins and passwords for mobile apps and essential server access, which would help prevent major breaches like the iTrack and ProTrack vulnerabilities could cause.

Biometrics and features like multi-factor authentication (MFA) can help safeguard that access and deter hackers from trying to break in easily.

Secure APIs

Different private software systems integrate with one another through APIs. As more automotive systems expose APIs for remote access through third-party software, it will also be necessary for these entry points to be secured with cutting-edge authentication capabilities to ensure that every one of them is protected from hackers.

Software Updates

In addition to having problems, old software is always at risk of hackers. Hackers have the ability to operate your automobile or steal your personal information. Therefore, it is advised to check for software updates on your computer. Keep an eye out for notifications from the manufacturer of your automobile, and update the software.


Every day, the automobile sector experiences exponential growth. Being defensive is never a good strategy for adjusting to present developments. The security and safety of automobile vehicles must be given top priority. There is now a substantial need to prioritize security, which is why vulnerability assessment services and their management are becoming more popular. Automobile hacking is on the rise along with the automotive industry. Here are some strategies for preventing cyberattacks in the automotive sector.

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