Web Monetization for Freelance Technology Columnists & Authors
Jun 27, 2020
Web Monetization for Freelance Technology Columnists & Authors

Do you have an opinion or insight to share when it comes to 'Technology for Business'? If so, then we wish to hear from you and reward you based on how valuable our readers find your thoughtful write up.

In case, we have your attention, please sit back, bookmark this page and read on.

Techfastly supports the web monetization revolution on the Internet. We want to create a world where authors who write on technology get paid for their work without depending on convoluted ad networks, paywalls, etc. at the cost of personal data sharing.

We want an open, healthy & diverse internet where content creators will get paid for their content instantly. Writers should be paid for the quality of their content and the impact they have on their readers. We believe that Micropayments, based on the reader engagement, is the future payment model for content creators.

Our Ideology is to :

  • Promote original, high quality, shareable content on the Internet
  • Providing technology authors full control over their content, data and at the same time getting paid
  • Advocate diversity and inclusion on the Internet

Techfastly supports authors with compensation based on content engagement. We currently support one wallet to set up the web monetization:

Uphold - https://uphold.com/signup

We will soon be providing a comprehensive tools section for our technology authors to write quality technology and strategic content and access to secure and web monetization enabled browsers.

Content Creators who write on technology- liberate yourself by creating your content and letting us host it for you.

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FAQS For Writers

What Topic can I write on?
If you have experience with the use of technology and the world of business, we look forward to you pitching your content ideas to us. The word ?business? is not necessarily applicable to the traditional view of a profit seeking enture. As long as you can describe the technology was/is/can be used for a working environment, we are interested in knowing more. And so is our audience.

If you happen to be a communication professional, you may also consider the option of having our editorial team suggest topics for your consideration.

Why should I write for Techfastly?
Great Question. Pick any of the answers from the list below that best resonates with you.

  1. You get to build your own brand as a thought leader
  2. You get to own your content even though it is on our website and can re-use it on your blog, book, training material etc. All we ask is that you publish it on our site first.
  3. You get to write in the company of other authors without ever having to worry about web hosting and other issues
  4. You will be tagged by Techfastly in all of its social media posts pertaining to your content on LinkedIn
  5. You get paid for the quality and quantity of engagement from our community of readers
  6. You get a chance to get your article published or get featured on our monthly magazine ( A great creditability on your profile )

On average, what does a writer get paid?
The payment to our readers varies from a low of $2 per article to $18 on the high side for articles with greater engagement.Our web monetization model ensures that each of your articles is pushed for greater readership to maximize your earnings. We have seen earnings that have been four times the flat price for articles with good engagement. This also motivates you to publish your articles in your social media assets to bring great engagement. It gives you a better motive to market your content. It's your content.We can market it together and maximize earnings.

How often can writers expect to see payment?
Once a month, based on the amount of engagement a post gains. The benefit for our writers is that we promote their posts on social media as well.

What is the average reader count?
At this point (Aug-Sept 2020), we are receiving approximately 2,000 page views a month

What about SEO?
What about it ;-)

But seriously. Our content is aimed at real human readers and not search engine bots. Our editors will check your content for basic language and sentence construction and add some meta data, but that is about it.

How do writers receive payment?
Our writers have the option to receive payment via 1 payment wallet or stripe

Uphold - https://uphold.com/signup
We need the payement pointer.
How to find your payment pointer : https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043227832-How-to-find-your-ILP-address-Interledger-payment-pointer-

Stripe - https://stripe.com