WhatsApp Stickers 101

Aug 31, 2020
5 min read

One of the main reasons WhatsApp has been so successful as an instant messaging app is the fresh and innovative features it keeps on adding to its conventional text messages. It rolled out the initial support for stickers back in October 2018 and has kept updating them ever since. WhatsApp stickers have come a long way as the users continue to design and customize their sticker packs.

As a business, these sticker packs can be useful when it comes to marketing to your customers. Creating stickers for your customers will help you engage them in a new way and enable them to interact with the brand. If you're looking to get started with WhatsApp stickers, here's everything you need to know.

What is a WhatsApp Sticker?

The stickers' concept lies somewhere between emojis and animated GIFs as they allow the users to express their emotions over the app better. These stickers could be related to specific emotions that you're feeling, any special occasions, or merely animated forms of text that say something. You can send these stickers in group chats or as individual messages to convey what you can't type in words.

WhatsApp provides its users with some pre-designed sticker packs for free, but it also allows custom-designed stickers to be used. However, you will need access to a third-party sticker designing app through the Android PlayStore or the App Store to design one for yourself.

How Can I Make or Get one?

The Sticker Store that comes with WhatsApp lets you manage all your stickers. Here, you could download new sticker packs or delete the ones you already have. Here's how you can manage your stickers on WhatsApp.

  1. Open the app and select the contact you want to send the stickers to.
  2. Tap on the 'Smiley' located at the extreme left of the text box. Select the sticker icon beside the 'GIF' icon from the emoji box that appears. Here, you can access all the stickers that you already have with you on the app.

3. Tap on the '+' icon at the top right corner to open the default WhatsApp sticker store. By default, it has around 15 sticker packs.

4. Tap the download button next to the sticker packs that appear to add them to your collection.

5. Click on ‘Get more stickers’ at the bottom to install third-party stickers.

While following these steps may allow you to install stickers designed by other people, you could also create your own stickers through apps such as Sticker Maker or iSticker. Here’s how you can create your own stickers with Sticker Maker,

  1. Download the app from the PlayStore or the iOS App Store and run it on your device.

2. Log into the app and click on ‘Create a New Sticker Pack’. Here you need to specify the name of the sticker pack as well as the author.

3. You will see a tray with all your stickers here. Click on the ‘+’ button to start creating a sticker.

4. Pick an image from your Gallery to start with.

5. Crop out the shape you want and then click on the 'Save Sticker' option.

6. Once you've created all the stickers you want, click on 'Publish Sticker Pack' to upload it to the sticker store. Your stickers can't be edited or changed once they are up on the internet.

How can a Company make One?

Creating stickers for personal use can be a fun thing to do, but once you realize how helpful they can be to your business, you'll want to try them out. Creating stickers as a business is almost the same as making them for individual use. The only difference is that you'll be using your WhatsApp Business account to follow the same steps as listed above.

Here are some tips on how you can use these stickers as a business to boost your brand engagement and improve your marketing campaigns' performance.

  • Simply designing stickers and putting them up on the store is not enough. You need to publicize them through your marketing campaigns and encourage people to start using them. This will multiply the reach your marketing campaigns typically get. Consider starting promotions explicitly related to using your stickers. You could also incentivize their use by giving special discounts or gifts to your customers in return.
  • While creating stickers for your business is entirely free, you could consider hiring a professional designer to create high-quality stickers for your brand. This will significantly improve how they look and will stand the competition against hundreds of other sticker packs on the app.
  • You can also consider using apps such as Stickey that are solely designed to create stickers for businesses. You can create stickers through this app and notify the members about their release through push notifications.

Creative Specifications of WhatsApp Stickers

Here are some features of WhatsApp Stickers that make them more fun to use.

  • Stickers Based on Emotions

WhatsApp allows you to filter your downloaded stickers automatically by emotions. You can click on the particular emotion you're looking for in the sticker box, and it will show only the stickers related to that emotion.

  • Stickers for Events

Besides emotions, you can use stickers related to a particular event. This event may be an annual festival or religious gathering.

  • Animated Stickers

As of yet, WhatsApp does not support animated stickers; however, there are plans on releasing them later this year. Animated stickers are already being used on other platforms such as Facebook.

  • Grouped Stickers

Sending multiple stickers at the same time will make WhatsApp group them into pairs. Two stickers will appear together in a row instead of one.

Business Successes with WhatsApp Stickers

While most businesses are still experimenting with WhatsApp stickers, most have already started incorporating them into their marketing strategies. A local start-up in India by the name 'Ek Number' managed to improve its visitors count by more than 500% by using WhatsApp stickers as their new marketing channel. Similarly, the World Health Organisation collaborated with WhatsApp to launch stickers that reached more than 10 million people within a few days only. Other market giants such as Tinder, Reebok, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's, etc. have also launched their sticker packs on the app and have benefited from the reach they have helped them get.