Why Your Business Needs An App To Overtake Competitors

Jan 5, 2022
4 min read

The general perception about the mobile app is that it is a tool for business used majorly by big names. And that to names like Walmart and Bank of America are only the ones using a mobile app to expand their business- means you are wrong. What we see today is that companies both small and midsize are following the mobile trend. The transformation is due to an understanding that an effective mobile strategy has more priority than just a mobile-friendly website.

If you are not certain about the case you want to build a mobile app, here are the top nine benefits that you should know sooner rather than later.

1. Being Visible at All Times

Studies reveal that an average American spends approximately more than two hours a day on his or her mobile device. It's pretty sure that not all the apps are used in this duration. But when we have an app, there are chances to be seen while the scrolling process happens. Such an “in the way” can itself be an advantage to your company, as there are chances that the subconscious mind record the image and text they surpass.

2. Create a Direct Marketing Channel

Apps can serve as a multi-function tool for your business. For instance, they can deliver general info about the company, prices of your products, booking forms, additional search features, user accounts, news feeds, etc. Coming to one of the biggest advantages of having a mobile app for your business is that all the data you’d like to provide to your customers is available at a single point and that too is right at their fingertips.

3. Provide Value to Your Customers

How about introducing a loyalty program that is digitized. Rather than sticking to the old point-collection card, we can introduce a new way to make it possible for your customers to collect their rewards. That is via your business mobile app. The result would be more downloads and more return customers for sure.

4. Build Brand and Recognition

Having a mobile app for your business can greatly put up your brand awareness. Brand awareness is a topic that should be broken down into two aspects. It can give a clearer understanding of the combination.

  • Brand. Let us assume a mobile app as a blank billboard sign. That means you are free to do anything you want to do with it. So you can make it stylish, hip, functional, shocking, or informative- it's all up to you. But what everyone intends to do is create an app and make sure it has features that your customers will love, alongside making it certain that it is well branded and beautifully designed.
  • Recognition. Here the agenda is to make the customers get involved with your app more often, so as a result they will be inclined to buy your product and/or service.

5. Improve Customer Engagement

No matter what business you do, your customers need a way to reach you through your app. Having a messaging or help desk feature within your app can make it possible in the most appropriate way. Think about it: having a genuine way to communicate with your business can make miracles happen.

6. Stand Out From the Competition

We know that there are still people around us, who are not yet convinced about having an app. So this may be the right time for you to take that big leap and thereby stay ahead of your competitors. Being the first in your neighborhood to offer a mobile app, so that you can get your customers surprised by your forward-thinking strategy.

7. Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Now, this is the most crucial reason why you should think about building your own mobile app- customer loyalty. Advertisements beginning from roadside banners and billboards to newspaper ads, flyers, and coupons, and from websites, website banners to Facebook ads and email marketing make the customers overwhelmed because of the immense amount of advertising. So I think it’s time to go back to making a genuine and honest connection with your customers such a connection can make them loyal lovers of your product and/or service. I am not saying that a mobile app is going to save your business for sure, but it is a certain way of staying closer to your customers and is available at all times.

8. Offers unique services

A mobile App for your business can guarantee you the ability to deliver your services in more refined and more competitive modes. The app functionalities make sure your business has a new outlook in achieving the business goals. The unique services a mobile app offers can make your business stand apart in the crowd.

9. Gives customers a truly mobile experience

Having an app for your business is the only way, your customers can experience the true mobile experience and its advantages of it. Being able to enjoy the privileges of being your customer while they are still on the run can make them feel more safe and secure. For you, the business is done under any uncertain circumstances.


Hope my readers are convinced. It is a known fact that there are numerous benefits of having your own business mobile app. Now the question is where to start? You have got two options:

  • You hire an app development agency or even bring your own in-house app development team on board to give life to your mobile app idea.
  • You use one of the available mobile app builders like Como, BuildFire, or AppsBuilder to develop an app without being concerned about coding and its technicalities.

Either the choice you make, a mobile app is going to be an authoritative element of your business in the future regardless of what your business is. The choice you make today is what can set the foundation for the growth of your business. It’s on you to decide when to take your business to the next level.