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Why Should I write?

Showcase your skills

You have the expertise, but so does millions of others on sites like LinkedIn.  How can you stand out? Writing for us will allow you to promote your content on your social media profiles, build your own audience, take them to any other platform if you would want to leverage them for an online course, ebook, in person event etc.

Any readers that choose to ‘follow’ you will be a jointly owned audience between yourself and Techfastly. You will be able to message them for content on Techfastly or any other platform that you wish to migrate them to.

In return we ask for that your articles be:

  1. Original (We will use a variety of tools for this purpose)
  2. Be rich, actionable and insightful

If you share your expertise with us by filling in the form below (you can upload or resume or link your LinkedIn Profile), we can provide you specific topics that we are looking to get content on.

In terms of quality, here is a link to some articles that we deem as high quality:



If your content is only theoretical and a collection of what exists already on the web, it will not be accepted.


Minimum Length - The article should be min 1000 words.

Minimum Reads - Each visit to your article page where a visitor has spent at least 3/4th of the recommended reading time and scrolled to the bottom of the page per Google Analytics
(75% depth -

Minimum Comments - The only ‘Comments’ that will count as valid comments will be comments on the Techfastly platform. Each comment would have to be  valid, value add ‘comment’. Comments along the lines of ‘Great Post’ etc. will not count and an author's own comments will not count either.

These thresholds have to be reached within 30 days of publishing an article.

Once an article is published, it will become the exclusive property of Techfastly.

Get visibility for your next Consulting Assignment or Job

In the near future we do intend to start a Consulting gig/Job board. Your writer profiles will be a key component of how potential employers or clients will find you.
Unlike traditional sites, we will have options for Remote roles, Part time roles, Time zones you would be open to working in.
By having robust, in depth content and your own following, you will be able to stand out from the crowd and future proof yourself for this impending launch.

Get in touch with us

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9513 Oswald Ln, Charlotte , 28277
North Carolina

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