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Dear Writers,

Welcome on board! You are one of the most integral aspects of Techfastly, and we are happy to have you here.

We are here because we love writing, exploring, and helping others in growing their business. But this would change if our articles leave our readers silently correcting grammar, or exploring other sites for a better understanding of the topic.

With these in mind, we believe that every writer should follow some basic writing etiquette to ensure the best quality article that we can provide to anyone. We tried to include some of them to the best of our knowledge and would expand them as we grow bigger together. Following is the list of codes of conduct:


  • Don’t use uppercase letters for the entire topic, for example, Organizing Your Content, instead of ORGANIZING YOUR CONTENT. Also, use lowercase for articles (a, an, the), conjunctions (and), and prepositions(to, from, about).
  • Adding sub-headings is always welcome.


  • Keep your sentences direct and understandable. Avoid using fancy words, idioms, phrases, etc. as much as possible.
  • Avoid ending up into long sentences. They make it a little bit difficult for readers to read and comprehend. Keep them short, simple, and precise.
  • To keep away the monotonous tone, try to mix up the number of words that you use in a sentence.
  • Provide ample examples, data, etc., preferably with hyperlinks for a better understanding of the subject. Please note that these hyperlinks should not be of another author’s blog on the same topic or Techfastly competitive websites. Hyperlinks to credible sources of information, data, charts, quotes are encouraged.
  • Always keep in mind while writing articles that our’s are executive readers, mostly from North America. Devise your text complexity, and data sourcing accordingly.
  • While introducing in the article, the abbreviations must always be preceded by expansions, for example, Search Engine Optimize (SEO).
  • Do not provide unfounded opinions based on no facts.
  • Define the subject of the article first so that the reader has some basic ideas or background about the topic.
  • Maintain the flow of the article regarding the topic.
  • The best way to end your article is to give a perfect and precise conclusion of the topic. Avoid ending it abruptly.

We would suggest running your work through tools like Grammarly to ensure that it is free from small grammatical errors. We will personally take care of this, but an article free of simple grammatical errors will help you to establish your credibility as a quality writer.

Enjoy writing!



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